Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i am still in shock! (spread the love, matilda jane)

I am in awe.
I am in shock.
I am in love with some ruffled pants.
seriously, though.
I have been a huge fan of matilda jane clothing for over a year.
some of the first items I sold from my online boutique were m2m (made to match) Matilda Jane.
I have waited excitedly for each new release (august 15th ring a bell, anyone??)
although we can not afford it,
I have loved the companies growth, creativity and heart.
It has been a pretty insane year for us over here.
If you know us personally, you know what has been going on in our personal lives.
lets just say,
my two girls have been very brave as the world has shifted beneath their feet...
and if I did not have their faces to wake up to every morning, and the love of the Lord,
sometimes I have wondered if I could have done it.

maybe some day I will be brave enough to speak the actual words...
but for now I can say
I have been a single mommy (not by choice) for about a year,
and will be for about another 6 months.
our life was thrown into chaos in the course of a day.
it has been hard,
but we have grown.

as far as finances,
my little business has really taken off lately, 
but it is our only income.
sales are inconsistent -
I do not know week to week how much we will bring in.
I love doing it,
but on top of EVERYTHING else that has been going on with our family,
its been a stressful year financially too.
MJC has a program called spread the love.
people can nominate families to recieve tons of new MJ clothing.
Well, yesterday was the best day I have had in weeks and weeks.
We got a UPS man knocking on our door.
When the big old box said "Matilda Jane Platinum" on it from the shipping address
at first I was confused.
Then I opened the box and I read this -
could it be possible?
had we been nominated for spread the love?
I literally started screaming at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down.
Tears streaming down my face...
the girls covered their ears and started jumping too, as we unpacked the beauty -
sorry for the blurry instagrams!
i was literally shaking, LOL. :)
mad swag!!!!
I did not even want to open everything..
it was like a dream.
matilda jane SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!

and this is just ELLE'S PILE!!
All the beautiful things I have ooh'ed and ahh'ed over on the computer screen-
in person, so much better!
clothing for mommy too!
thats right - new new new!
for MEEEEE!!!!!
not thrifted, for once!
lets be honest, I could not believe it when
I saw that I now had...

all of these new outfits, and MORE!
(the last four photos are 100 percent property of Matilda Jane Clothing!!)
the words that MJC live by!
They are NOT just some company that does not care.
They cared for the girls and I.
They made us feel so, so loved.
They dressed us in the most beauty-full clothing I have ever seen.
They put huge smiles on my girls faces.
They put lots of love and renewed hope into mine.
Thank you MJC.
Thank you.
and to our secret friend who nominated us...
words cant describe.
so I will let these pictures do the talking...

thank you for nominating us! 
links -
and yes, I have become one of "those" moms-
I have a new MJC facebook buy/sell/trade profile.
here it is -
(the goal is to trade and sell our MJC
then use that to buy more as they grow
to keep them wearing it.
There are thousands of MJC fans who do this...
I refuse to let this become an obsession!
But MJC mommies, I AM looking for some mommy ruffles pants,
and I DO want to trade my size M Beatrice Willow for a size L:) :) :)


  1. This is so incredible!! Congrats! You and the girls deserve it. :)

  2. What an amazing feeling, opening that box... and what an awesome company!