Welcome to my blog.
i'm Emily.

i'm 27 and I own and design for Ellarye Boutique .

i'm a momma of two silly little girls.

Elle is 6.

Rielynn is 2.

i've been with Chad for 8 years,
married for almost 6.
I. ADORE. this man.

i do.
((it just comes naturally to me.
i just love him.))
if you cant tell,
i could go on, but i'll spare you.

What will you find on my blog?

Small business inspiration.
Design Inspiration.
Real life.
Etsy for beginners posts.
Pictures of my kids with food on their faces and goop in their hair.
Pictures of my house on messy days and on clean days.
My "How I Did It" business story.
Some hair tutorials (because after 27 years my hair and I became friends.)
Probably some rants about various things.
Behind the scenes of my shop.

What you will not find in my blog?

Perfection. In any way, shape or form.
Judgement. In any way, shape or form.


Because life is messy.
No one's life is perfect, and I'll let you in on a little secret.
Those moms and bloggers who seem like they have it all together every single day?
Who seem to feed their children vegan meals every night?
Who have spotless homes and
spotless lives?
it's farce.

Thats SO not life, and thats SO not me.

Welcome to my blog!

Feel free to sit down, grab some coffee and unbuckle your jeans.
Because honey, even though they make your butt look good,
we all need to breathe a little some times.