Wednesday, October 10, 2012

lessons learned at mcdonalds.


My dad taught me something many years ago.
We were at McDonalds.
We were waiting for ice cream...I was probably 5 or 6.
The McDonald worker was a young girl,
in a bad mood,
upset about something.
I'll never forget this.
My dad leaned over to me and said,
"Watch this, Emily."
Then he stood up and said,
"Emily - look what a great job this girl is doing making our ice cream cones.
They look perfect - well done!"
What happened next has changed me forever....
I really think that this was a defining moment in my life.
That girl got the biggest smile on her face.
She lit up...
just like my dad knew she would.
She handed us our cones with a little bit of happy conversation.
I was in awe of what a few words could do to someone.
Just my dads few small words of kindness to a stranger -
they changed her whole demeanor,
her whole attitude -
his words breathed just a little bit of life into her day.
I know that this experience shaped the way I treat people.
I always try to go above and beyond to thank others.
Doesn't it feel good when someone notices something you do?
Today I was signing up my daughter for a new school.
We're moving, you see, and so with that comes a few changes.
I sat for a little bit with the secretary and did paperwork.
The secretary was very nice and answered all of my questions.
When I got up to leave,
I shook her hand,
looked her in the eyes and I said
"thank you so much. you have been truly helpful."
This woman looked at me, blinked a few times,
and seemed almost shocked.
Then she said,
"I hardly ever hear those words from a parent."
It made me a little bit sad to hear that.
Are we really too busy to thank others?
Are we really too busy to take a moment and
give someone a compliement?
To show gratitude?
Yes, I know she was just "doing her job"
but I was grateful for her help.
in a world of
"give it to me now"
"I want it that way"
"it's all about ME"
sometimes its hard to meet people who are
genuinely kind,
who care about other people,
who go out of their way to
help and be thankful.
"Honey - thank you for faithfully praying for
our family every morning. I feel your prayers."
"Mom, thank you for babysitting my kids tonight ...
they love you so much."
"Friend, thank you for sending me
that encouraging text. It came right when I needed it."
look for ways to breathe truth and thankfulness into the people around you.
make it a little game....
teach it to your children like my daddy taught me.
it will become a way of life.


  1. Beautifully said sweet Emily <3

  2. This was really special. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Love this, and it's so true! A little gratitude goes a long way. THANKS for sharing. ;) :)
    Beth @

  4. That's so lovely. Little movements can change the world.

  5. what a powerful lesson! thanks for sharing =)

  6. So sweet. So true.

  7. Thank you for sharing something that is so easy to do to encourage others. The reminder was exactly what I needed to hear.