Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days...

an intro to this series -
they say, write about what you know.
in the past year (plus a few months)
I was able to start a small business
that has made to date over 1150 sales.
This is something that challenges me daily...
and I can't tell you how often I get asked for
tips or ideas from other women wanting to do the same.
Heres my 31 Day Topic -
every day in the month of October I'll be
writing about opening your own Etsy shop.
We'll talk about design, inspiration,
packaging, happy customers, customer complaints,
photography, tags and much much more.
I hope this series inspires you that you can do it, too!
I'm linking up with the Nester for this 31 Day series...
Hundreds of women will also be writing about one topic alone for
31 days...
this is challenging and fun.
See you tomorrow -
I'll be talking about -
what to sell?


  1. oh! How cool. I've always dreamed of selling stuff on etsy. Thanks for sharing.

    ~From a fellow 31 Dayerr

  2. I can't wait to read this - I have a pipe dream to sell.

  3. Thank you for sharing on this topic! I've wanted to open my own shop on Etsy lately but have no idea how to get started! I'm looking forward to reading all your insight! :)

  4. Hi! I found you through your comment on Gussy's 31 days of creating a handmade business (who I also just found, via a friend), and I'm so glad I did! I have a currently-on-vacation Etsy shop that I paused due to having a baby and moving across the country only a couple months after it opened, and I decided I really need to do some studying and more prep before I get it going again. So excited to see what you have to say! Thanks!
    Beth @

  5. oh fab...i have an etsy shop where i have been on holiday for a year!!! will follow along and who knows...i may even open xxx