Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What to SELL on Etsy - {{{Day 2}}}

Welcome to Day TWO to of the 31-Day Series -
Etsy Shop Help.

I'm Emily -
I own and design for
and I'm so glad to have you here!
you want to sell on Etsy, right?
You want to bring in some money?
{{and lets be honest, in this economy, who doesnt!!??}}
First you need to tackle the biggest question...
what to sell?
There are three questions you should ask yourself first...
1. What are you good at creating?
2. What do you enjoy creating?
3. Is this something you can easily find supplies and time for?
1. What are you good at creating?
You can enjoy something and be awful at it -
and thats not the type of thing to start selling.
What are you actually skilled at -
is it knitting?
hoop art?
are you a great graphic designer?
can you sew?
can you wield a glue gun like no ones business?
Do people go crazy for your jam every Christmas?
Can you decorate a wreath that Martha herself would envy?
Do you know how to hand-pour candles?
Are you a whiz at mixing up organic lip balm?
What are you good at making?
2. What do you enjoy creating?
You can be good at something and hate doing it.
Don't start a knit shop if you dread every stitch.
Don't open a shop making Etsy shop banners
 if you don't enjoy long hours at the laptop.
The goal is to figure out what you are good at making and
what you enjoy making...
hopefully they line up.
3. Is this something you can easily source?
Sure, you make hand-sewn baby blankets...
can you easily locate bulk fabrics, thread, buttons, etc?
Is this going to be a hassle for you,
or can you easily and quickly source and purchase your materials?
After you have answered these three questions,
I hope you will have more of an idea about what to sell!
And remember -
if you MAKE it,
someone will {{most likely}} buy it.
Don't believe me?
Spend about 5 minutes browsing Etsy to see what I mean.
Be original!
Don't copy...
don't start doing exactly what other shop owners are doing.
Come back tomorrow for more Etsy Shop Help!
Day Three - Whats in an {{Etsy Shop}} name?


  1. Thanks Emily. This is something i have struggled with and seems to be a hurdle for me in opening my shop. I have so many ideas and so many different things i want to make, but to narrow it down....that's my problem.

    1. Hi, Jenn!
      If you have more questions you can email me at ellaryeboutique@yahoo.com - maybe I can help you narrow down your ideas?! :)