Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday (Another Thursday Edition!)

 Geez Louise, is it really Thursday already?
I meant to do this on the correct day this week but time gets away from me! (To see what I mean check out a day in my life here)

Heres what I wore Wednesday - (Thursday edition :)

 Jean Coat - GAP

I worked at GAP for 3 years in highschool and was a sales trainer at
GAP Body on Michigan Avenue in Chicago IL when I was in college -
that being said, you would think my closets would be bursting to overflowing with GAP clothing, right?
They used to be - but I have literally no idea where my beautiful GAP wardrobe has gone over these years! And I had some gorgeous stuff too! (When you work at GAP you get a 40% discount because they "strongly recommend"that
you stay in the current GAP trends.
Makes me really sad ... where is my clothing!?????


Grey T-Shirt - Kohls
Aqua Lace Tank - Vanity

Black capris - Target

If you like the silver elastic headband I am wearing, guess what?
I'm going to add them to my shop today!

In packs of 2-4 matching colors. You can wear them like this ....

or like this...

you can double them up and wear them as bracelets OR wear them as pony tail holders.
How about adding a cute fabric rosette clip?!
(Oh...In case you havent heard...I sell those too!! ;)
Check Ellarye Boutique (my shop)
later to get your set!
They will be one of a kind sets, when they're gone,
they're gone!

**A note: the continuing release of the Luxey Collection has been delayed a few weeks until my finals are finished up. Thank you!


  1. i remember when you worked at GAP! i was always jealous of that sweet discount. ;) and loving that headband - sweet look, girl!

    1. right! I miss that discount!
      Glad you love the headband ileney sending you some! :)

  2. hey darling! first off, thank you for your comment - it was truly sweet of you! being overweight can be so hard (emotionally) and physically as well... but the strength we have inside us can be stronger then anything and once we program our minds -- we can change anything we don't like about ourselves, right?! ;)

    hehe! oooh! and headbands? eeek.. that sounds super exciting as i'm a huge addict to wearing them! i would love to try some of yours, i assume you personally design them?


    1. YES! I actually think that growing up overweight made me a much stronger woman...(but I don't think I would re-live those days for a million bucks! Well...maybe a million . ;)

      Yes about the headbands..I'll give you more info. :)