Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day in my Life - 4/17/2012

6:15 a.m. I awake, to church bells. I've had the same alarm since I was in highschool and it's a comfort thing now. Hit the snooze. Usually instead of falling back asleep I check my shop emails on my i-phone, today I have 8 new messages.

6:40 Drag myself out of bed. Hear my two year old calling "Emma, Emma" in her crib. Yes, she has gotten into the habit of calling me my real name now. It's kinda weird. Kinda cute. I get her up out of bed and walk with her to the kitchen, grab her some milk.

6:45 wake up Elle, my five year old, from her peaceful slumber. The groaning/crabbing begins.

6:50 Mad dash for Elles clothing, backpack, making Elles school lunch and throwing on some jeans for me. Make myself some coffee. Change Rielynns diaper. Force Elle to eat a few bites of corn flakes.

7:10 Hop in the car.Drop off Elle at school.

7:20 Drop my mom off at her work.

7:30 Its just Rielynn and I now. We stop at Wilsons, our favorite local coffee shop. I order a medium cafe mocha with an extra shot of expresso. Rielynn gets her favorite- a blueberry muffin. Realize you can totally tell I'm wearing a long pajama shirt, jeans and a coat.... Realize everyone around me is probably giggling at me.

7:50 Back at home, I spend a few minutes reading Psalm 46. Rielynn's still eating her muffin - rather, shes crumbling it all over the couch. Yo Gabba Gabba is on Netflix.

8:10 Blog for a few minutes.

8:30 Rielynn and I take a shower/get dressed for the day.

9:20 on my way to drop of Rielynn at the sitters house I realize I am completely out of diapers...I pull over at Walgreens. Intend to quickly grab the diapers and run out , but we run into an old co-worker of mine. We end up talking for about 20 minutes and he tells me he's the manager now. He offers me my old job back. I actually consider it for about 1/8th of a second.

9:55 I drop Rielynn off at the sitters very late and feel like I'm already playing catch up!

10:05 back at home, I peel a banana, pop open the laptop, plug in the glue glun, open the other laptop to Netflix (Legends of the Seeker is my newest series) and see what the day holds for me.

10:10 - 1:45 WORK. Today I fill about 7 orders - which means I make the silk rosettes start to finish, embellish them and make them the correct size for the bride. Today I also communicated with several brides about custom orders and renewed some shop listings. Took about a 10 minute break around noon for a turkey sandwich.

1:45 Leave the house to pick up Rielynn. I love hearing "Emma!" when she hears me knock on the door. (Remember..she is calling me Emma now, not mommy.)

2:05 Rielynn and I park about two blocks from Elle's school and walk to pick her up; its a beautiful day out! We smile at the crossing guard and hold hands the whole way.

2:15 Back in the car Elleia says she's thirsty. I realize we are driving past Wilsons coffee shop so I pull over and get the girls out of the car. We walk into the coffee shop and I buy us a fresh squeezed lime soda to share. We giggle and Elle tells us about her day. Then I turn my head for about a minute and Rielynn runs off and I hear some coffee cups clanking. She nearly breaks a few really expensive cups so I get upset and yell at her. She cries. I feel bad and kiss her and tell her I am sorry.

2:50 Back at home I package the orders I filled. It is actually a very time consuming process.. I have to wrap each one and then fill out all of the shipping information. Elle asks to do her homework so I set her up with her crayons and school-work. I realize it's too late to fit in a nap for Rielynn so I'll be able to get her to bed early.

3:30 Still packaging orders. Elle is bored with homework (I'm shocked she lasted this long) and she is begging me to read her a book. I read her a Curious George book on the couch and Rielynn jumps up and down next to us.

3:40 Realize I made nothing for dinner.

3:45 Rummaging through the cupboards, found some cream of mushroom soup...decided to make chicken, potatoes, onions and cream of mushroom - like a roast - so I throw it all in the crockpot...

3:55 Realize I am nuts because it is 4 o'clock and this will never cook fast enough in the crock pot, so I dump everything in a cooking dish and pop it in the oven at 330 degrees

4:00 put on "Tangled" for the girls and finish up packaging my orders

4:30 finally done packaging and it looks like a bomb went off in the house, literally! spend the next half hour cleaning the house like a speed demon

5 my mom calls and asks for a ride home from work, so I get the girls in the car and off we go

5:15 pick up my mom, and ask her if we can stop at the post office

5:30 forget it was the last day people could file their taxes - yuck what a long line! Well - these 7 orders have to ship today so we have to wait!

6:15 finally back home from the post office/picking up my mom. Dinner is done and the house smells wonderful! we sit down and eat.

6:30 Elle says she is tired and doesn't feel good. I get the girls pajamas on.

6:45 I get Rielynn her cup of milk, her pacifier, and we sing a few songs. I lay her down in her crib. (she has always been good about going to bed!)

7 Elle wants to finish Tangled so I put it on the tv while I attempt to finish some of my Excel homework on my laptop on the couch next to her. Elle doesnt look like she feels good so I tickle her leg.

7:15 my husband calls so I answer the phone and take his call outside.

7:35 I come back into the house to find my mom cleaning up the bathroom floor and Elle in the bath tub. Looks like Elle really didn't feel good - and didn't make it to the bathroom in time. (Did I mention I have an incredible mom?) We get Elle back into some clean jammies and back on the couch with some 7-Up.

8 - Elle is snoring on the couch. I finish up some of my Excel class homework.

8:10 I check some of my shop emails and I see that a garter set never made it to a bride whose wedding is on Friday. I stress out a little and we email back and forth. I promise to make her a new set and overnight it to her tomorrow.

8:30 I pull out my fabric bins and make some fabric flowers for the craft fair. I'm doing a lot of fabric flower headbands for the craft fair. I'm exhausted and I want to go to bed. I work for about an hour and a half while watching Legends of the Seeker.

10 I pick up Elle and put her in her bed.

10:15 I bring my laptop to bed and read a few of my favorite blogs while I lay in bed and think about all the things I have to do tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. This is the best blog I've ever read, Emily. I seriously love it. You're such an inspiration!

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