Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LOST - My Theories

For the last month or so I've been watching the epic show LOST while I work. (90 hours - Seasons One through Six!)

Now that the show is over I'm in complete awe of the brillance of the story-line. The LOST writers and producers wove together an incredibly ingenuis tv show that seems to be more than a TV show - its a dialouge on life, death, Heaven, hell, good, evil, human nature....need I go on?

Without further ado, here is LOST explained ... (as I see it, and I think I "get" it )
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The Island is the guardian of the light. What is the light? It is literally a bright light in the center of the island. This light represents the "good" in all mankind. If this light was to ever expire, so would the good in man. Man would cease to be good and evil would reign.

The protector of the light on the island is a man named Jacob. He is guarding the light from the Man In Black (his twin brother.) Jacob killed the man in black's body so now he can only manifest himself as a smoke monster and as other dead people. The man in black wants to leave the island, but to do that he would have to put out the light. This will never happen with Jacob alive, so of course Jacob and the man in black want each other dead.

The problem is, that the man in black and Jacob cannot kill each other - its impossible. So they need to get other people to do it for them.

                                                              Man in black + Jacob (twin brothers)

Lots of scientists and wealthy people come to the Island to do experiements and to live there. It's a kind of a scientific/supernatural utopia.

Jacob knows eventually the man in black will figure out a way to kill him so he hand selects several "candidates" to replace him as the protector of the light once he eventually dies. He brings them all to the Island on Oceanic flight 815. They crash on the Island and survive there. Eventually some of them make it off the Island, (while some stay on the Island but time-travel to the 1970's).

                               obviously my favorite candidate is the resident bad boy, Sawyer.

The candidates that make it off the Island are miserable and it's the Island's way of drawing them back. They start to think they should have never left the Island and that they need to go back. And they do.

Lots of people die, lots of things happen, and lots of mysteries evolve.

Man in black takes on the human form of one of the candidates who had died- John Locke. Locke/Man in black gets someone to kill Jacob...his first step to getting off the Island for good. Jack (one of the candidates and basically the hero of the show) becomes the new protector of the Island.

Desmond, (not a candidate but a really important person anyways) goes into the light and "accidentally" turns off the light. This is a really bad thing - the Island will sink, good is gone and now the man in black is free to escape the Island for good, bringing his pure evil to the world. However, now that Jacob is dead and the light is gone the man in black is just a man - no longer the all powerful smoke monster. Jack kills him, and returns to the Light.

Jack sacrifices his life to turn on the light again, thus saving the world by keeping the good in humankind alive.

Now we get to the final scenes of Lost.

Jack did die on the Island. His life was over.

Hurley and Ben Linus take on the role of the Island Protector's and they live the rest of their lives on the Island, protecting the light and keeping the Island safe. They eventually die on the Island.

Jin and Sun died on the Island on the submarine. (Charlie died on the Island earlier on, as did Michael.)

Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Lapedis, Richard and Claire are the only ones who actually made it off of the Island alive (you see them in the plane...Jack watches them fly off as he lays dying on the Island with Vincent the dog.)

Walt, Aaron and a few others were already off the Island...thus they were safe.

Sawyer, Kate and Claire go back to the real world and live the rest of their lives...happily I like to imagine. Eventually they all die.

During the last season of LOST we see all of the candidates in a sort of alternate reality. This is because they have all died. All at different times, and different ways. (Jack died back on the Island while Kate died an old lady.)

The alternate reality they are all living in now is a type of purgatory while they wait for each other. Because they lived the best and most important years of their lives together they were all meant to spend eternity together.

You see in the final episode that Ben Linus, Eloise and Daniel Faraday were not ready to move on yet (although they were dead too.)

However all of the candidates in the church were finally ready to move on together as a large group into the "next life".

Something that has confused alot of people was Jack's son in the last season.

It's true that Jack did NOT have a son in his "real" life - but as he lived in his fantasy/purgatory life he did...(but the son did not go to the after life with him because the son was never really there/really alive.)

The show had a brilliant ending in my opinion. The entire show was brilliant...I'm definately going to watch it again in the future!

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