Sunday, April 15, 2012

My FIRST ever smash book page ... xox

Heard about Smash Books yet? Head on over to Saturated Canary .. she has lots of fun ideas and will introduce you to the world of smashing!
*I have four smash books I'd better get busy! (With all that free time I have...ya right!!)
Elle has her own, the pink Smash Book (she goes crazy with the glue and pictures...but it's adorable)
I have a red one for Elle
I have a blue one for Rielynn
and I have the green Smash Book for myself.
They are inexpensive and Target sells the Smash Book line now....

have fun, it's a smashing good time! ;)


  1. this is SO gorgeous, friend!!!!! i love the texture you added...and I'm a huge composition person-- i love embellishments, but how a person puts them together on a page is what I really love! You've done such an outstanding job:).

    newest follower:).


    1. Thank you so much Krista! I'm a huge fan of your smashes...excited to see where this new hobby takes me. Thanks for introducing me to smash books!