Sunday, September 1, 2013

12 Reasons why we had the BEST SUMMER EVER.

 1. Daddy was home.
(milwaukee zoo, june.)
 2. We played at the beach during the day ...

 and went for walks there at night.
(North Beach, August.)

 3. We got covered in COLOR and laughed our butts off
(Color Run, June.)

 4. We went fishing about 4,375 times.
(Our Secret Fishing Spot, July.)

 5. We got O+H for breakfast way too much.
(Grandma's house, July.)

 6. We ate roasted sweet corn 
(Racine County Fair, July.)

 7. We witnessed the most magical parade in history

 8. And the girls met a real live wood nymph
(Ren Faire, August.)

 9. The kids first Brewers game...
even if the Braun sign is slightly embarrassing in retrospect.
(Miller Park, July.)

 10. We dressed up like cowgirls and went to get ice cream...
(Georgie Porgies, June.)

 11. We spent the 4th with family and got really tired and really full and really happy.
(Parade, Main Street, July.)

 12. Elle's birthday party met all of her (6,300,053) expectations.
(Grandpas house, August.)

fishing, july.
 olive garden, fathers day
 Ren Faire, August.
county fair, july.
 Panda Express, August.
Ren Faire, August.

yup. 'twas one for the history books.

autumn here we come.


  1. I loved watching your summer on Instagram and FB. It all put a smile on my face and extra happiness in my heart.

  2. the whole thing makes me smile .. to see you happy makes my heart happy