Thursday, September 27, 2012

how i lost 10 pounds in 30 days...the right way.

this workout -
this breakfast -
this lunch
with a side of black beans or chick peas,
and some mozzarella...
one of these dinners...
THIS inspiring website
THIS   one, too
this show... (you can watch all seasons on netflix)
(((the biggest loser)))
drinking water
I feel great and I'm so ready for month # 2!
the bottom line is this -
losing weight actually is not that hard.
once it clicks for you, you do it.
if you want it badly enough.
i'm not talking about obsessing -
i've been there, done that.
i AM talking about getting healthy and cutting out junk from your diet,
and getting your butt off the couch for a little while every day.
seriously, if i can do this with my crazy and hectic life,
i think anyone can!
i have also learned
the less
garbage you eat
the less you crave it.
i still eat what i want - at least once a week...
i actually just got a pumpkin shake from culvers last night
(i wait for them all year!!)
i was in indy last weekend and i ate great food -
carmel mango chinese chicken,
apple gorgonzala flatbread pizza,
(i seem to like fruity savory foods!)
and many more yummy things -
but the difference is,
i got up the next morning with a postive outlook,
i did my workout,
and i moved on.
i've been on diets where i lost 12 pounds in a week 
i've popped prescription diet pills
i've had a history of disordered eating -
and being healthy, drinking water, and working out is the
way it will stay off.
Stay tuned for month 2 updates! :)


  1. great post! didn't you love the indy riverwalk?! it's my favorite part of the city!

    1. YES!! have you been to Creation Cafe? Its right along the riverwalk! I LOVED that whole city - it reminds me of a mini chicago!! :)

  2. Those pancakes looks so simple and so delicious! Did you make a big batch ahead of time, or make them fresh every day? Wondering about how well they keep in the fridge. Congrats!