Tuesday, October 9, 2012

how i {{get more done in a day}}

if I sit back and think about
all of the things i have to do in a week, 
i become mentally exhausted.
it is far easier to follow these
simple life principles.
although this ties in with my 31 day etsy shop series,
these tips are for everyone -
mom, wife, business owner, student, etc.
1. go to bed earlier.
i am in bed usually by 9 o'clock, 10 at the latest.
its pretty rare for me to stay up until 11, let alone midnight.
a few years ago, going to bed at midnight would have been early for me...
i just can't keep those crazy hours anymore!
the reason i go to bed earlier is so i can -
2. wake up earlier.
this is pretty self explanatory...
get up earlier so your day starts sooner!
if you have things you need to get done,
why waste daylight?
i am up around 5 most mornings, 6 is sleeping in.
what about my kids, you ask?
they follow pretty much the same routine.
in fact, my 2 year old is usually in bed, snoring, by 6:30 or 7 p.m. (gasp!)
and my 6 year old stays up until 7:30 or 8.
but they also rise early with me ...
the other plus side to this is that my
2-year old will still usually take a decent nap around the middle of the day.
3. have special days for certain tasks
this is something i recently started...
and it rocks.
yesterday it did not work ...
i had too much work to do...
but normally,
mondays are school days for me.
i work on homework, write my papers, check my school
discussion boards, and see what needs to be
done for the week.
i work on school other times during the week too...
but Mondays are school-specific.
i have to work every day of the week usually,
but Tuesdays/Thursdays i work on small orders, 
(hair accessory orders, garter orders) 
the other days are for the large bouquet orders.
i have to check my shop email every day,
usually a few times.
4.  make time for friends
i have a lot of great friends -
and seeing them is important to my mental health.
{don't laugh - it really is.}
i usually end up scheduling 2-3 playdates or coffee dates a week.
if that sounds like a lot to you,
remember - they are little chunks of time.
a playdate for me just cannot last all morning,
a coffee date can not last all night.
lunch dates are awesome too -
get two things done at once.
i still do not feel like i see certain friends enough ...
so some of us have "standing dates" -
for example, my friend heather and i
hang out once every two weeks on a thursday or friday morning -
and i don't mess with this time.
(or i should say - i try not too!!!)
its scheduled in.
5. take time for you.
yesterday i finished 3 bouquets...
i made ten headbands,
i wrapped them,
drove them to the post office,
forgot it was columbus day,
drove home,
took my daughter too and from school,
got a few groceries,
took my kids to drive past our new house and oogle it,
got gas in my car,
hit up hobby lobby for supplies,
took an online exam
(i got a 90 :)
wrote a speech,
wrote an outline for the speech -
(wrong order i know!!)
wrote a blog post,
sent various emails,
 read my Bible,
made dinner (chicken tacos - so yummy! love Pinterest!)
gave baths,
and oh yeah,
my 2 year old had me up since 3 a.m.
its easy to feel void, empty, tired and sluggish when you run like that.
i eat healthy.
i drink water.
i listen to K-LOVE in the car -
it's positive, Jesus centered music that energizes me.
i take my vitamins,
i pray through the day...
i try to focus on verses i have memorized...
i need to do little things through out the day to keep me going.

and oh yeah ... i LOVE COFFEE!!!!!

i feel happier,
i feel more centered,
i feel better about myself and my life
than i have in years,
and every day it keeps getting better for me.
it is possible to run all day and have a calm heart.
i hope some of these tips inspire you !!!


  1. Organizing my day/time is something i struggle with as well. I always seem to feel like I have to get EVERYTHING done in a day....whew! Making lists and prioritizing have really worked well for me. I like the idea of dedicating certain days of the week for each task.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. This is great advice! I don't even have a business and I make sure to make a big to do list each week and decide how to work errands, chores and projects in around play dates and pajama days. :)

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