Monday, October 8, 2012

the best handmade biz blogs {{{days seven and eight}}}

I get a ton of inspiration for my business through other blogs.
Here are my favorite handmade business blogs...
you are sure to discover one of these will inspire you as well...
this is a newer blog love for me, but totally addictive!
here is my favorite thing about this blog -
click the link and there are oodles of handmade biz resources -
how to shoot and edit a vlog,
how to get through writers block and more!
i found this blog in the early days of my
business and i am SO glad i did!
it is full of resources,
diy business help and the community on this blog is strong -
tons of likeminded small business owners who are there
to help you along.
i love this blog!
its probably on the toppest of my top favorite blogs list-
Maggie also has a handmade biz mentorship program.
you can book a session or two over skype -
i did this a while back and i am so glad i did!
Maggie encouraged me to start this blog and it's been
the best idea. she also coached me along about
organizing supplies and organizing my day -
having her mentorship really boosted my shop and productive time every day.
thanks, friend.
i am in love with Jena - the owner of this blog.
i even emailed her about a tricky customer situation a
while back, and she had the best advice ever.
she also has lots of "practical life" tips on her blog..
love it.
so much coolness here-
my friend Heather runs this blog and
talks a ton about how she runs 3 - yes, 3 - successful businesses.
plus, shes so fun-
i love it that she makes hair pretties like i do!

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31 Days of Etsy Shop Help.


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