Saturday, October 6, 2012

Racine and Kenosha Moms - Welcome to M.O.M!!!

Sometimes, being a mama is a very isolating thing.
You are surrounded by little humans who you love with your heart and soul,
but you feel like you are stuck at home for hours and hours.
You are so happy to be a mother - maybe it's something you have wanted to become since you were little ... you love the aspects of parenting and home life, but ... well...
sometimes your heart yearns for more.
You want to connect with other people, but you don't know how to.
You want to meet other moms, have play dates, share laughs and linger over coffee cups...
but it's hard to take the first steps -
how do you meet other moms?
what are you supposed to talk about?
and most importantly,
what if they find out that you are not perfect?
Perfection. Something that is held up, worshipped and praised in this society of Facebook, Pinterest and the internet.
Somehow you feel like maybe you don't add up if you don't cook a delicious dinner every night, if you're kids don't look like Baby Gap models, if sometimes you feel like your marriage is not what you thought it would be.
We're here to tell you something.
Guess what?
We have all felt these things.
We moms have all felt some variation of the things I listed above.
More specifically, the two of us.
Hi...we're Emily and Kristin. We are both married and have two kids a piece. We've been friends for about 20 years and we are very very real.
We talk about it all. Our hurts, our stuggles, our mama frustrations. Our little victories. Potty training tips. We are very honest about it all and we felt like there should be a place where other mommies craving real friends could meet once a month.
Welcome to Moms of Mercy.
Once a month we'll talk, we'll laugh, we'll share. It's not a Bible study - think of it as a playdate with a purpose. If you have been longing for some mommy friends, if you want to connect, if you want to share you're life with other like minded mommies in the Racine and Kenosha area, we want to be there for you.
It's a non-judgement place ... we won't look down on you for wearing mom jeans and looking a little frazzled :)smile we won't judge your family life, you're home life, or you're spiritual walk ...
we will be there to meet, to encourage, to pray, to do crafts, to share a bit of life together, just once a month.
Oh, and there will be a coffee bar each month. Just sayin'. :)smile
Moms of Mercy will be kicking off in January 2013. Until then we would love for you to mark your calendar for the first Friday morning of every month, and share our little idea with other moms in the area who you think would be blessed by this.
We are so excited to meet you, to hug your littles, and to walk through this life with you.
Just remember, mama -
you don't have to do it alone.
check out our new website!!!

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