Tuesday, October 16, 2012

quick hair tutorial...how to get long, loose, beach waves.

1. start with clean, wet hair.
2. blowdry - brush through as you dry.
3. use a fat, wide barrel curling iron
4. curl away from your face, working around the head.
5. once all of your hair is curled,
take your fingers and twist the curls together...
to form "larger" curls...
6. shake your head...
7. Use a flatiron, and run it through the ends
7. I don't hair spray because it tends to make my hair sticky...
so, you are done!
it takes about 20 minutes with wet hair...
thats because I have it down to a science :)
I use Aveda Shampure shampoo and conditioner
I use a Conair fat curling iron...its the best
I use Matrix heat protector before I blow dry.
have fun!


  1. I do my hair kind of the same! I curl it with a straightener, and that seems to loosen throughout the day into long waves. I kind of almost prefer it over a curling iron because it looks more natural.