Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I Love My Husband

I am married to an incredibly flawed man.

Yet my heart jumps at the sound of his voice.
I smile when I think of memories we've shared.
I still think he is literally the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
I love his strong arms, his long eyelashes, his voice, his tattoos.
I love him so much.
I've never felt love like the love I feel for my husband.
It's not the obsessive, "does my hair look perfect when I'm around him" type of love anymore.
You know - when you first fall in love?
You are afraid of showing you're true self to the other person, for fear they will reject you?
We're soo past that.

Chad watched the doctors lift Elle from my stomach as I had an emergency c-section with our first baby.
After the c-section I was so sick, I thought I would die.
Chad watched over me with a love and kindness I can hardly describe.
I got a horrible infection in my c-section cut after I had Elle, and Chad had to clean, disinfect and wrap my wounds twice a day for a month. How many men would spend an hour or two of their day doing that...just so that a nurse would not have to come to our house?
Chad watched our second daughter enter the world  and take her first breaths.
When she had to spend time in the NICU due to low apgar scores, he camped out in her hospital room, spending more time there than I did so that I could continue to watch our other daughter.

Chad loves me more than I thought I could be loved by a man.
That doesn't mean he is perfect...he's very, very (very, very) far from perfect.
But his love is undying. He has been an incredibly loving, patient and faithful husband.
I could tell you about the countless foot rubs, surprise flower deliveries, surprise coffee deliveries, hundreds - yes, hundreds of love letters he has written me.
I could show you poems, songs, and silly cartoon drawings of us he has given me.
Life is not perfect and life is very hard.
But I choose to accept my husband as the flawed man he is.
Pray for our marriage, and pray for him...
And keep on loving him...with every breath.
Hard times have only strengthened my resolve to love him.
Peoples opinions, talk and gossip hurt - but have not wavered my love for him.
In the end, no one knows our love story like we know it.
No one knows the ending of our love story but God...
people may think they know what will happen,
but they aren't God, last time I checked.
So, I'll continue putting my love story and my marriage in Gods hands,
And I'll keep on with my crazy, soul-stirring, heart-breakingly strong love for my husband.

- xo


  1. this is achingly beautiful. i really love seeing couples who know that marriage is hard work, they aren't married to a perfect person, yet somehow God makes it just perfect for US.

    i am also so inspired by your awesome shop goodies in the prior post. cheers for being so awesome.

    happy monday friend!

    1. thank you, Nicole!
      That made my day.