Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Most Gorgeous Woman

Everyone, meet my sister ...

Yup... she really is this gorgeous!
My sister Kate is a real bohemian.
She jumped on an airplane to nanny in Spain,(this is after living in California for a long time) then when the job wasn't quite what she was thinking it would be, she decided to "hang out" in Spain.
She made alot of interesting friends, protested the Spanish government, had tons of adventures, scared my parents and I to death, lost her passport and every single item she brought with her, found her passport but not her stuff...and experienced things most people only read about in books.
Then after a few months she took a train to Paris with 2.00 in her pocket and lived there for several months...made many friends, fell in and out of love with a beautiful and kind Parisian man, and became very boho-hippy-Parisian chic.

I dont know about you, but the thought of living in other countries for "fun" with no money, clothing, or friends makes me want to hide under my covers! 
My sister is literally one of the most brave, adventurous people I've ever met!

Kate has decided to unite her four favorite things (Jesus, Africa, traveling and children) and she is currently raising funds to support her biggest dream yet: she is going to Uganda this summer to work with Spring of Hope!

Spring of Hope is a community-based rehabilitation 100% non- profit organization for children with disabilities in the most rural areas of Uganda. They currently work with 500 children and their families in the areas of education, physiotherapy, awareness raising and income generating projects.

I want my sister to be able to raise the money for her plane ticket and living expenses in Uganda so I'm adding this beautiful necklace to my shop today ...

I'm pricing these lovelies at $12.00 and 100% of the money is going to fund my sisters trip.

If my sister intrigues you, ( and trust me, her soul is just as beautiful as her face!) check out her NEW blog at One Heart, One Love, AFRICA
and you can donate to her trip here .

Love you sister!

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  1. EMILY! You are so amazing!!! Thank you SO much! I love you <3 I can't wait to see you tomorrow night, finally! :)