Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chuck Taylors, Bouquets and Blogs (Randoms)

1. YAY!
The response to my bridal bouquets has been outstanding!
 I am so, so blessed to do what I love to do.
Last night I was telling my husband. "I just don't know how my business is growing like's are people finding me like this..." and he cut me off and said "have you considered the fact that
God is blessing your business and that is why it is prospering?
'nuff said.

I'm booked for bouquet orders through JULY. If your wedding is after July, lets talk.
I have a few full wedding party bouquet orders for June+July weddings so I can
take in weddings after that.

If your wedding is from August to October I have 3 spots left.
(Full wedding party)
Contact me today!


 2. If you still haven't emailed me for your giveaway headband,
try to do it soon...
your headband really is lonely!
I might start wearing it ;)

3. Wish I could pull off this look.
I love me some Chuck Taylors.
4. Check out these awesome blogs that I have ADS on this month!


  1. I'm so happy to see a fellow wisconsin dweller in blogland! Just stopping by to say hi!!