Friday, June 1, 2012

June is a time for New Beginnings.

Welcome to June, friends!
Life is crazy this summer because wedding season is in full swing from this point on.
I need peace and calmess and the strength of the Lord in my life every single day.
Here are three goals for June.

1. Get in the Word of God, every day.
I blogged here about my current Bible study community
We are a group of Jesus-lovers and we read the same passages of Scripture every day,
then we encourage each other.
Big news: We have our own website now!
Check out She Reads Truth and join in our community.
Never to late to join.
I have been blessed by this group of women and I know you will be, too.

2. Get pretty every day.
This might sound a little strange. But it's easy for me to jump into work in the
mornings in my sweats and yesterdays t-shirt. Eventually taking a shower if I didn't the
night before, combing back my hair into a bun,
throwing on some fresh clothes and continuing to work.
I feel so, so, so much better when I get "pretty."
You know - do my hair, do my makeup, attempt to look cute.
I got a new scarf from Target last night and it made me feel so pretty, its ridiculous.
I actually got more done because I felt chipper.
So if getting pretty every day helps my mood and makes me get more done in a day,
its worth the 45 minutes to do my hair and shower and do my makeup, right?
feeling pretty in my new scarf last night! :)

3. Spend special time with Elle.
My oldest daughter needs me desperately.
She's 5.
Elle is an incredibly energetic, excited and busy kid,
and sometimes its easy to lash out at her in anger.
I think she might just need more mommy time.
So last night we went on a date to Subway.
Just the two of us.
It was great.
My daughter is special and smart and curious.
She needs more of me.
So every day I'm going to set aside more "just Elle" time.
Maybe we'll read, maybe we'll paint, maybe we'll go for a walk and hold hands.
But I want her to know how special she is to me.

Those are my little June goals.

Side Note: I watched "Drive" with Ryan Gosling last night. WOW. This movie is intense. AND Ryan Gosling is so, so, so cute....
I have two celebrity crushes. Leonardio DiCaprio (don't hate, yo) and Ryan Gosling. My husband says it's okay. :)

Tommorrow: A post about my three current Summer 2012 trends and how I'm incorporating them into my wardrobe this summer. You don't have to be rich to look cute. ;)


  1. I STILL need to see Drive, I've heard it's really good!

  2. first, you are adorable, you know that?! ;) second, who is hating on you for liking leo - the dude is so hot AND a fantastic actor. actually, i think him and gosling both are!

    and your goals are fantastic! i have to get dressed and "pretty" for the day if i want to stay motivated. as comfy as PJs are, they just make me want to go back to to bed. hehe. love you!