Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Favorite Summer 2012 Trends

As promised, my three favorite summer 2012 trends and some inspiration for you. You really do not have to spend alot to look beautiful and stylish.

Trend Number 1:
my ever growing summer scarf collection

I'm latching on hard to this summer trend!
Summer scarves are easy, beautiful and transform the simplest outfit into something special.
Here I am in a simple green t and pants.
The scarf is what brings out the beauty in the outfit.
Buy scarves that you can wear with multiple things and then mix and match.
I have lots of plain t shirts and you can rock them out by throwing on a scarf,
a headband or some hair jewelry,
maybe some bangles, a sexy ring and some pretty sandals.
I predict I'll be wearing a summer scarf almost every day this summer - so be warned, friends and fam! :)



Although I wasn't sure about this trend at first,
now I am in love!
With the navajo inspired look, its all about the details -
a few bracelets,
a print on a shirt
or a navajo inspired purse
can help you rock this cool trend.


I love the neon trend!
Don't go nuts - but throwing in a neon shirt or nails
can really mix up a wardrobe!

Hop over to Target - they have neon shirts for 8.00,
summer scarves for 12.00 and
navajo inspired shoes for less than 20.00!

Happy Trending!

1 comment:

  1. all awesome summer trends, especially the scarves! love a good scarf! even cute around a purse handle:)!!

    great trends!