Monday, June 4, 2012

my love.

This has to be my favorite picture of my gorgeous husband and I.
Such a great memory  -
a Brewers baseball game,
a few months into our relationship.
I didn't know I could love someone that much.
It was full on obsession between Chad and I -
if you know us, you'd know we were
inseperable from day one.
I'm more in love with my husband today
than I've ever been before.
This summer I'll be 27
and I've been with Chad since I was 19 years old (he was 25.)
I've pretty much grown up with him by my side.
We've made alot of bad choices along the way,
but we've made some pretty great ones too.
I could never imagine life with anyone else by my side,
and I'll love and stick by and support this man until the end.

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