Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Meaning of the Name "Ellarye Boutique"

Since you asked so kindly, I'll tell you!

When I began this journey almost a year ago I thought long and hard about a great name for my business. Something that was different, unique, modern and cool. Eventually and a few pieces of scrap paper later I started playing around with my daughter's names.
I have an Elleia ...

and a Rielynn -

I put two and two together and came up with

Have I ever thought about changing the name of my business?

Well, sure.
I've thought about changing my shops name to
whimsey lane or
lucia linden (these are my girls middle names.)

But all in all, I'm happy with the name I've chosen.
And after I had a customer tell me they liked the name Ellarye for a future baby girl,
I knew I'd stumbled on something pretty good.

Thats the meaning of the name
Ellarye Boutique.




  1. hey there. I just stumbled across your beautiful comment on my blog that was filtered in my spam and I'm so so sorry for that. Your heart is beautiful sweet friend and would love for you to email me
    touched by your words.

    1. I will email you! I would love to talk! <3