Friday, August 24, 2012

randoms...(a lately post)


i am reading "divergent". i would tell you who wrote it but i am too lazy to get up and go find the book and tell you. but its great, you should read it.

i have to go to hobby lobby today. wanna be nosy? on my shopping list - yellow pearls, pink pearls, purple pearls, half yard of white lace and scissors. maybe some white tissue paper.

i go through a pair of scissors each week. they get dull or break. will i pay to have them sharpened? not on your life.

my friends and i have a planning meeting tonight at 8:30 p.m. yup - its the only time we can meet. between the three of us we have 5 kiddos and so we cant have alone, quiet, mommy talk time on a week day until they are safely snuggled in bed. what are we planning? stay tuned. its big. ;)

i am going to have 2 ingredient pancakes for breakfast. 2 eggs plus one mashed banana. blend well. make pancakes with the batter. they are so easy and yummy.

i am starting a 90 day eating and pilates plan today that i found online. i shopped for the groceries last night. i had started running again a few weeks ago but the metal in my ankle was making it hard for me to continue it. it was really starting to hurt and so i am going to go back to pilates.

i cant believe i have a 6 year old. sometimes i look in the mirror and wonder if i am starting to look old.

i found my old highschool scrapbooks today. i love to scrapbook and have even gotten paid to scrap for other people. i used to work at a scrapbook store in highschool and i taught beginner scrapbook classes there. it was so fun.

speaking of highschool heres an old pic i found. my sister and i about a week before i turned 19. i want to be that blonde again.

i seriously need to clean out my kids clothes. for. reals.

speaking of clothing, matilda jane clothing gave the girls and i new wardobes the other day. read all about it here in case you missed it.

i think my 2 year old wants to marry Caillou.

i watched the movie Bernie last night. it was insane.

i think i should get off the couch and get moving now. coffee to make. pilates to do. emails to write. Bible to read. girls to kiss and love. rug to vacuum. and thats just in the next hour. = just another manic Friday.


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  1. I loved Divergent! I didn't go into it with high expectations, but I definitely loved it and am super excited to read the second one.

    Et tu, tutu?