Thursday, November 22, 2012

My 'lil Thanksgiving LIST!!

It's Thanksgiving, YO!!
SO thankful for SO many things this year, so I decided to make a little blog post out of it!
This has been the hardest and BEST year of my life.
I can look back on this year and say,
I have never felt so
loved, supported and blessed by God.
I have never felt so loved, supported, and blessed by
my friends and family.
God is soo good!
Without further ado -
1. I'm thankful for my daughters.
Elle and Rielynn...
they keep me going,
day after day.
2. I'm thankful for coffee.
Seriously...It brings me happiness and energy that I SO need.
3. I'm thankful for our new home.
It's really coming together...
my friend Amanda gave me some amazing vintage "state plates" and
I put them up on the wall a few days ago.
My brother came over for lunch a few days ago and
he said "This really feels like a cozy home"
and those little words from my 19 year old brother
spoke volumes to me.
4. I'm SO SO SO SO thankful for my friends!
Kate, Kristin, Amanda, Heather, Heidi, Katelynn, Ashley, Beth, Stephanie...
there are so many more...
these are the girls who have really meant the
 world to me these past few months.
thank you for carrying me through this past year.
I don't know what I would have done without your friendships.
Each and every one of you means the world to me.
I love you girls so much.
5. I am thankful for my parents!
I could fill multiple blog posts telling you all of the ways
they have blessed us...
my parents go above and beyond for us, every day.
My mom is one of my BFF's...
and my dad is my number one source for trusted wisdom.
6. I'm thankful for joy.
I'm thankful that I wake up every day and feel real joy.
Even on the sad days,
the hard days,
the "we need money" days,
the "I'm lonely" days,
I feel so blessed in my heart.
I haven't always felt like this,
and so this year I am thankful for it.
7. I'm so blessed by and thankful for my husband.
I'm thankful that He made Jesus Christ his Savior this past year.
I'm thankful and excitedly surprised by the growth I see in his life.
I am thankful for the man He is now,
I am thankful for the love he shows us...
I am thankful that he is healthy and strong,
I am thankful for how much he loves me.
8. I'm so thankful for my salvation.
Thank you Lord for loving me and saving me!
9. I'm thankful for Ellarye Boutique.
I love this business and I'm so blessed by it's growth.
10. rainy days,
gold nail polish,
anthropologie -
a few little things that bring me happiness :)
We have a busy day ahead...
Noon meal with my family,
then 3 o'clock meal with my husbands family,
then midnight black friday shopping with my sister in law!
Hope your day is full of THANKS!


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