Friday, November 23, 2012

why i get dressed every day.

why I get dressed every day...
you are probably scratching your head, wondering -
"huh? doesn't everyone get dressed every day?"
Well, in my opinion,
yes and no.
(see, I do still rock the sweatshirts some days!)
Several months ago I started "getting dressed" every day.
Before that I was a t-shirt and sweatpants/jeans kind of girl.
In fact my closet is overflowing with zip-up American Eagle and big puffy Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirts...
and sweatpants and flip flops and work out t-shirts...
and thats what I was wearing every day.
Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with hoodie sweatshirts and sweatpants...
I still wear those sweatshirts...
(not so much the sweatpants, though!)
because I started getting "dressed" every day.
I work from home (currently, I have a potential night waitressing gig I'm looking into that would help supplement our family income)
but for the past 1.5 years I have worked from home.
It's easy to become a bum when you are a stay at home mom.
Am I right, moms?
Come on,
when no one is seeing you except your kids all day,
why put the effort into taking a shower EVERY morning,
doing your hair,
putting on some makeup and
throwing on a matching, semi-cute outfit?
I'll tell you why  ...
because you will feel a MILLION times better about yourself, thats why!
(when you deal with this craziness all day every day,
why not take some time out for yourself in the morning, right?)
At least speaking from personal experience,
nothing says
"I feel tired and I want to lay on this couch all afternoon and not do anything"
more to me than camping out in sweatpants and big old t-shirts all day.
So I started noticing that, about myself.
And I started putting more effort into myself every morning,
first thing,
and putting on something that looks nice and is not a sweatshirt (at least not every day)
makes me feel about 100 times more
more positive,
better about myself,
and dare I say it -
Yes, because when I know I look nice,
that my hair is lookin' fly,
when I took the time to throw on some earrings and
maybe even some perfume,
I actually end up having a better day.
(yes, some days I even put on my shoes in the house when I am working from home-
makes it feel more like I'm "going to work")
It only takes an extra 30-40 minutes of my morning
and it is so worth the time.
It's amazing (amazing, I tell ya!)
what feeling good because you look good can do for a tired, sleep deprieved mom.
(yup,,,less than 8 hours of sleep for me these past two nights combined-
thats 4 hours of sleep a night- yuck..)
So I want to encourage my fellow mama friends,
"AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE!" - spoken in my booming political voice,
dress for the day you WANT to have,
not the day you are having.
(a life-changing principle I stole from some other girls blog...
I wish I could remember what blog;
If you know, let me know...)

Take some time out for you!
You're already an amazing woman...
so look the part :) :)
(by the way, skinny jeans have changed the way
I get dressed too - I am in love with them...
I wasn't sure if I could wear them because I'm not stick thin-
but I took the plunge,
went to K-Mart,
bought myself an 11.00 pair of skinny jeans...
best purchase ever)
oh - also, my BOOTS!
These two items have changed the way I get dressed.
Maye I'll do more outfit posts in the future :)

lots of love everyone!

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