Monday, June 11, 2012

A Birthday Giveaway and my Big Plans!

Today is Ellarye Boutique's first birthday.

This business has grown bigger in one year than I could have possibly dreamed.
It is amazing, it is a blessing, and it is incredible.
With that being said, this next month I am going to be re-working some things. To be honest with you, I work 60+ hours a week to fill orders and it's still not enough.
It's gotten a little bit out of control and I need to find a little more balance in my life. I am going to be filling my shop with more bridal bouquets and less garters, so that I can focus on (hopefully) a few large orders each week instead of multiple smaller orders.
Now that both girls are home (summer vacay, yay!) I need to put mommyhood first and Ellarye Boutique second.

 I have a big dream I want to share -
My future goal for Ellarye Boutique is getting really major.
(want a little peek?)
((Did you know-nearly 3 million couples get married every year in the US alone.
Thats over 6,000 weddings a day.
Yes, there are alot of brides out there...who says wedding planning has to be done alone?))
I want to change, revolutionize the way that brides plan their weddings.

My husband and I want to eventually open a boutique/coffee bar in downtown Chicago -
  it would be an indie boutique full of beautiful eclectic handmade items for brides,
 a place where brides can come and plan their weddings,
with beautiful couches and bookshelves overflowing with inspiration,
partnerships with local vendors and wedding designers/planners,
lots of cool resources
and even a little coffee bar.
We're talking one stop shopping and planning for brides!
I want it to be a fun hangout place, where brides can come and plan their weddings together,
and laugh over coffee and tea,
  get ideas,
  make friends
and turn the stress of wedding planning into a social event.
I know it's a big huge dream and it may never happen, but hey, I never thought I'd have an Etsy shop paying my bills, either!
We talk and dream about it alot, and we know we would have alot of work to do before we get there... but the success of my business has both of us reaching for the stars!

Without further ado, heres the giveaway - please comment on the blog post and leave your email address so I can contact you and know where to send your headband!
First ten people to comment get a headband ... ready, set, go!

dont forget to comment with your email!
otherwise I cant contact you and
someone else will get your headband! :)


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  2. Forgot my email- shevaun3005 (at) :)(posted above)

  3. oops, my email is

    I absolutely love the boutique/coffee bar idea! I hope your dream becomes a reality some day! :)

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  5. woop woop!

  6. happy birthday, Emma! will FB you with my email address. - E. Chang

  7. Adorable stuff!!!! Would love to win for sure! ;)!!!!

  8. Ooh! I love this giveaway! And happy birthday!

  9. Also, this idea is fantastic, I would have definitely came to that coffee shop when I was planning my wedding!

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  11. Fun! Happy Birthday!!

  12. happy birthday! lawillett at

  13. happy happy birthday!

    marche_love at hotmail dot com

    stop by my blog if u can!

  14. OH NO. I'm not in the top 10 :( sad! But happy birthday!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday!! Bummed I missed 10!

  16. What an awesome plan!! We sell puzzle message cards on etsy ( and once we started getting wedding orders I was amazed!! And it is so much fun to word with the brides with their colors and messages.

    Anyways Happy birthday! And thanks for the fun giveaway!!


  17. Love your dream. I have NO doubt—you and Chad can do this. Much love, Kathryn

  18. You're full speed ahead, and it's inspirational! Go you! Love the balloon picture, that's great too! Happy birthday to your shop!