Friday, June 8, 2012

My "Studio"

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here's where I create my beautiful accessories :)

rhinestones, buttons and pearls - oh my

after a few hours of work, trust me - it gets much, much messier than this!

buckets of roses

just a few of my dupioni silk shades - this is beautiful and priceless raw silk that
I purchase from India

vintage leaves, netting and feathers

It's been almost a year since my shop was born
and I've never shown you any "in progress" photos.
Until today!
Hope you enjoyed
I love being surrounded by all of this beauty every day.


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  1. It's amazing how beautiful beads and jewels can be!

  2. love it! this makes me want a little "studio". you are adorable and so is your shop.

  3. I need to take some studio and "in progress" photos for me new "About Me" section on Etsy. I love seeing other artists workspaces. My work table is much messier and disorganized! LOL!