Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look @ What Just Came in the Mail! - much love, illy

Look @ the loveliness that just came in the mail!

Two amazingly beautiful poppy headbands from

Can you say, cute packaging?
I am all about packaging so when I saw how beautifully Ilene
wraps her headbands 
- like gifts -
I knew I had to snap some pics!
Coming up - a post with me modeling Ilene's headbands...
I can't wait!

And because I love this girl so much,
I had to share an old photo -
Here we are in 2004!

yes, we have been friends that long.
ummmmm...why are we holding teddy bears in this picture?
i seriously have no idea. (do you remember, ilene?)
but i look like i am hanging on to mine for dear life!
If you haven't heard me rave about Ilene yet,
just know she is the most beauty-full, full of love and sweetness,
helpful and amazing bud.
If you want to fit in and be cool (no peer pressure here :)
you simply must own one of her famous poppy garland headbands.


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  1. aw, i love that pic of us! good ole college days! thanks for the sweet shout-out. :) can't wait to see you rock them, pretty lady!