Friday, July 13, 2012

If you think your kids are brats sometimes, read this.

I randomly came across a blog this morning.
A beautiful mom had commented on my friend Casey's new facebook photos of her children,
and the way she commented on Casey's daughters dimples and chubby cheeks was stunning.
This woman was a little intiguing,
so I clicked on her blog link and was found wrapped up in her story,
Jody 's family's tragedy...
In a"nutshell", they were enjoying a beautiful
breakfast as a lovely and happy family of five one day when a car came plummeting into the
resturant. The entire family was injured, but four year old Teagan was killed on impact.
The driver of the car was attempting suicide, but she walked away from the accident.
Two people were killed and nine people were horribly injured.
Teagan was enjoying her pancakes, surrounded by love one moment-and at the feet of Jesus the next.
I read this and tears started to roll down my face...

Days later, an eerie quietness greeted the parents when they returned home from the hospital. "Teagan was a spitfire, very energetic," said Jody. "Being the first child, she kind of ran the household. So it was a big empty feeling when we came home after spending all that time in the hospital." Chip agrees. "The house was just so silent. I just wanted something to come crashing down. I wanted to rub some Cheerios into the carpet, just crush 'em in there." What would life be like without Teagan, their firstborn, the little girl with the remarkable memory, the child who loved Barbie dolls, the color purple, and singing and dancing to her favorite CDs? How would they cope without the child who exclaimed, after noting the changing leaves of autumn, "God must have gotten new paints last night!"?
Jody explains: "What I missed were the things like washing her days of the week underwear. And I would I'd end up in a puddle of tears just trying to work through those daily routines. There was such a void in my life."

Because you see, I have one of those.
A spitfire.
 An "energetic" child.
Sometimes I do feel like my five year old is running this home.
She can be hard to deal with sometimes, she can be a handful. Her sister definately follows her lead, but Rielynn has a naturally calmer and more peaceful spirit.
But what would this home be like, without my wild and precious child. How horribly quiet would it be. How I would miss picking up her constant messes. How I would miss her loud laugh. How I would miss seeing and HEARING her run around our home, sometimes for hours at a time. ;)

I know Jody would give anything to have Teagan back for a day, if for just one day.
She would probably pay almost any amount of money for some time with her energetic girl.
I'm going to remember that today when mine wakes up from her slumber.
And when I feel like raising my voice to her, or when I feel like not guarding my words before they come tumbling out of my mouth -
I'm going to remember that mashed up cheerios in
carpet can actually be something
a mommy could miss.

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  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking. I also have a spitfire, and what you say is so very true. I hope that family finds peace.