Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one down, one thousand to go

see this little pretty rosie?

they have overtaken my life!

for every large bouquet order I need to make about 200-400 of these - give or take.
yup...it takes awhile.

for those of you not familiar with fabric measurements,
this is 5 yards of fabric.
I'll need to go and purchase at least 2 more yards for the big bouquet order I'm cranking out
(by Friday!!)

Add onto this regular garter orders (which take awhile, as most brides ask for
customizations and these are all custom made to the brides measurements)
answering emails,
daily trips to the post office
and all while trying to keep a clean house and raise two sweeties -

you'll see why my life gets so nutso sometimes!

Thats the "Dark" side of running a handmade business.
Everyone wants their small business to succeed,
but maybe they do not realize,
it takes over your life.

I had a playdate with my besties yesterday.
I havent seen them in a month.
One month.
Babies got bigger.
Hair got longer.

I realized as I sat in my small circle of friends -
girls I have known for years and years and years -
that I need more of this.
Me time.
Friend time.
Momma time.

So last night after my girls fell asleep
I took myself to a movie.
By. Myself.
(my mom was home with the chillens)
It was a roaring good time.
Just me, some popcorn, and a bunch of strange ladies around me in the theatre.

But I didn't care.
I had fun.
And I needed that.

on a side note,
check out this amazing t-shirt I got at walmart this morning-
less than 4.00!
Yup, I was buying some glue sticks and a few craft supplies at walmart at 6 this morning...
such is my life

p.s. get my wisdom tooth pulled today!!

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