Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thriving Under Pressure.

My life has been a whirlwind and it's hard to write every day right now,
so I've been trying to make my blog posts count and cover more territory.
So, lately...
 I have been working at my new job (waitressing) and I seriously LOVE it there.
To be honest it's thrown me off a little, because I have been so
pro-stay at home mommy/work at home mommy/run your own business mommy
for so long now, and thought I was truly 100 percent happy being at home.
And it wasn't until I had been back in the working mode for a few days
that I realized something.
I've really missed it!
It's really healthy for ME to focus my mind on something OTHER than my
life every day for a few hours.
Even if it's making sure that Table 14 got their drinks or running food...
I really enjoy it.
Does that mean that Ellarye Boutique is done?
My business is still growing and changing and evolving!
So now on my days off, I fill orders and work from home.
So basically I don't get any days off now,
but I have realized something about myself.
I am a person who thrives on the chaos.
I am a person who grows and works best under pressure.
I am a person who dreads busy days,
but at the end of those days,
I feel so satisfied, so content and so proud of myself for
accomplishing everything I needed to do.
Is it okay for me to work all morning on my business,
work on schoolwork,
then drive my kids to my moms house,
go to work for 6 hours,
leave work,
gently place my sleeping kids in my car,
drive home,
put the kids to bed,
clean the house,
go to bed...
then do it all again the next day?
I would say,
for me,
right now...
this is okay.
We are thriving.
My kids are fine.
I don't like dragging their sleepy butts around town after 10 pm,
but if I have learned anything about my girls,
it is that they are brave, strong, and resilient.
((and this needing a babysitter thing won't be forever. :)
I finished my last final exam of the semester yesterday
and it was if my body was holding out until then to fall apart!
So now my throat is raw, my eyes and nose are running, and I am laying in my bed.
For now.
Thank you Lord for mornings of quiet,
calm before the storm...
because the storm of the day is coming,
and I know I'll be ready for it...
sick or not,
busy or not,
chaotic or not,
this is the life I have made for myself...
and I am going to embrace every moment of the chaos.
by the way...
((photo credit - KHB Photography ))

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  1. And I thought I thrived under pressure, but I think you've sure got me beat in the business department! Prayers going out to you that you stay healthy and safe and that you continue to feel so motivated to accomplish everything. You are a real inspiration!