Saturday, December 22, 2012

this crazy year, 2012...

I turned 27

Rielynn turned 2 and grew freakishly long, beautiful hair

Elleia turned 6, donated 8 inches of hair to locks of love and fell in love with Justin Bieber (ahem....)

I was in a dear friends wedding
I did my first craft fair
I waited patiently for my husband and have learned what real love is

 I started making and selling handmade fabric flower bouquets
and my business exploded in growth, exceeding my wildest dreams for it.
(thank you Lord!)

I did the Color Run with Elle and some dear friends

My hair and I became friends and I lost 20 pounds

Matilda Jane Clothing gifted the girls and I with brand new wardrobes and school supplies

I went to Indianapolis for the True Woman 12 conference
 and recorded a testimony for Revive our Hearts
(and got food from a food truck for the first time ever!)

I learned more about myself and more about my relationships with
friends, God and my family, than ever before

I have grown and changed as a woman and as a mother

I feel more centered, and more calm even though I am busier on a day to day basis than ever before

(and oh yeah, we moved twice,
I finished two semesters in school and I started a new job...
but whose counting?)

I am so optimistic about 2013 and looking forward to it more than
I have looked forward to anything, probably ever (more specifically, March 19th 2013!!!)
It's been a crazy, hard, amazing year.
I'll look back on 2012 with good memories.


  1. Praise God! He has been faithful. Loved sharing a lot of these victories with you! esp. that food truck. lol xoxox

    1. seriously, kate, where would i be without you...

  2. so happy for all the little victories! you are super woman for pushing through! happy to be there along the way with you too :) xoxo MARCH here you come!

    1. and without you?? you girls are my rocks!

  3. You do a great job and moving me to happy tears Emily. I'm so glad we met, you are quite inspirational to me.

    1. Alisha! I'm SO GLAD I met you too!

  4. Ah, that's so cool that you did Color Run! And congratulations on all of the rewards you are reaping from your hard work. It's really inspiring to read about all of the amazing things you've achieved despite hardships. Happy 2013 to you! I'm sure it will be great.


    1. Have you done a Color Run?? They are amazing!! Thank you friend!