Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kathryn and Thomas - A Day of Love in Early September.

When I was twelve years old, I did not have many friends.
I was homeschooled and we did not know too many girls my age that lived close to us.
I remember my mom and dad praying one night over me, that God would bless me with some great girl friends who would come into my life.
Literally a few weeks later, Kathryn moved to town.
Kathryn and I became inseperable.
I consider her probably my closest childhood friend.
We were best friends from the time I was 12 years old until we were well into highschool.

here we are ice skating...
hehe, love our outfits!
So many memories of my younger years involve Kathryn.
Ski resort trips, hiking trips, teaching 5-Day Clubs together for two years as partners.
Singing together, cooking classes, dreaming and scheming for hours at a time how we would get our parents to buy us American Girl dolls. (it didn't work..we each had to buy our own :)
library roaming, back yard dreaming.
Counting the stars, laughing until we cried.
Drawing together (Kathryn is a stunning artist - she hand sketched a photo of me for my birthday one year, and it is one of my most cherished possessions.)
"Keepers at Home" - a little homeschooled club we were in.
Shopping together, babysitting together. Pretending we had Austrailian accents at the mall one day.
We would also have lots of contests with our two other best friends, Danielle and Beth. We would have "who is prettier" contests, we would have "who can sing better contests" and yes - we would line up and judge each other.
We became known - the four of us - to our families as the 4 "Little Women", after the classic book by Lousia May Alcott.
Kathryn was Amy - the pretty and prissy one (she was a firecracker, haha, right guys!?? :)
Danielle was Beth - the sweet, loving one
Elizabeth was Jo - the tomboy
and I was Meg, the "motherly" one, ha.
Anyways, I could go on and on and on.
This beautiful girl was married to her soulmate on Monday evening.
I was so excited to take part.
I made Kathryn her wedding veil and her bridal sash out of bits of lace from her mom's wedding dress.
I also made the boutonneires.
Kathryn asked me to do their version of a guest book, which was to take photos in front of a chalkboard where the guests wrote their names or a message for Kathryn and Thomas.
It was so much fun being there and helping out in these ways.
Here are some photos of the event!
These pictures do not do the wedding justice.
It was incredibly beautiful, the perfect day...and to see Kathryn get married in the same backyard where we romped and played every day in the summer, built huge snow men in the winter, brought tears to my eyes many times during the day.

rehersal dinner - I sat next to my dear friend Stephanie who played violin for the wedding!
Stephanie is so talented - it was amazing to see you, friend.

Kathryn and I the night before the wedding at the rehersal dinner.

 day of the wedding with a new friend!

and with two more new friends...
loved getting to know all of her beautiful besties!
here I am with Danielle the day of the wedding -

and here I am with Elizabeth the day of the wedding.
When it comes to the four Little Women,
now that Kathryn is married we all four are married,
I have two girls and Elizabeth and her husband Edwin are expecting their first baby too!
Come on, Kathryn and Danielle...
I want to be an aunt!! :)

oh my goodness-
not sure if anyone has ever looked this lovely on their wedding day.

Kathryn and Thomas were married under a canopy of 2,000 hand folded origami cranes.
It was visually the most beautiful wedding ceremony I've ever witnessed.

75 people,
closest family and friends in an outdoor backyard garden wedding.


Kathryn and I joke that since we spent so many of our
formative years together, our styles morphed...
because we have basically the same exact taste and style,
which made it so easy and fun to design things for her wedding.
We both have a love of shabby chic yet upscale things...
I mean really...
could this wedding BE any more Ellarye Boutique-ish?? :)

 Two things I will never forget about this day.
1. As Kathryn got her pictures taken I stood and helped her adjust her train and veil.
It was just Thomas, Kathryn, the photographers and I.
I remember fluffing her veil, and standing back to watch their
photographers do their magic.
I saw Kathryn smiling at me, and she said to me,
"I love you so much.
I am who I am today in part because of you."
...oh my.
Being told this by a bride on her wedding day?
What better gift can you give someone?
I will forever remember and cherish these words.
2. As Thomas and Kathryn got into their car and drove away, I noticed
Kathryn's mom Elaine, who has been a trusted friend,
and second mom to me for years.
She was standing off by herself holding a sparkler,
watching Kathryn and Thomas get into the car and get ready to drive away.
I walked over to her and gave her a little hug.
I remember as K+T drove off,
we waved and yelled, and then they were gone...
and I turned to Elaine and said
"Well, shes do you feel?"
And I remember Elaine looking me in the eyes,
and saying softly,
"I feel great."
Knowing you raised a beautiful, articulate and smart daughter
and seeing her marry a godly handsome man who loves her to pieces...
I guess that would make someone feel great.
perfume - gift from Kathryn and Thomas,
the program,
the recipe that was served at the reception
(and it was what they ate on their first date - thats the real name!)
 This day was perfect,
and these two are perfect for each other.
I really do love you,
my sassy, silly, beautiful friend.



  1. This post was really touching. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it! :)


  2. Your post captures so much emotion and memory of your friendship with Kathryn and what the two of you mean to each other. I could totally see her being an "Amy" when she was younger! :)

    I'm glad you volunteered to fix her train and veil...what a special moment occurred as a result! It's amazing, the impact friendship has on our lives.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and your photos! :)

    Betsey V.