Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lately ...

Lately ...

  1. I'm loving this song:Cruise - Florida Georgia Line (on major repeat over here)
  2. I'm working alot of nights...and I love my job
  3. I'm taking a little break from shop orders, which has been nice...
  4. Life has fallen into a new routine:we wake up early ( 5 am) to take daddy to work (one car over here!) The girls and I do school and spend time together all day, then we get daddy at 2:30, go for a walk and I head to work.
  5. I'm loving THIS salad: spring mix, poppyseed dressing, fuji apple chips, blueberries, strawberries, pecans, dried cranberries ... yum! This is my lunch every day...
  6. Lately I can't believe how grown up my girls are getting. They are so beautiful, I catch myself staring at them. I love them so much...I have so many hope and dreams for them.
  7. I'm beyond excited for summer...
  8. We're running the Color Run again and I can't wait for Chad to experience this event with us...even if you aren't a runner, you need to find a Color Run near you and sign up. Trust me, you won't regret it
  9. Girls and I have been painting alot - we buy canvases from Hobby Lobby, put on some old shirts and get out the tempera paint and go nuts...they make great gifts for people.
  10. Ok Ok...I'm offically obsessed with Candy Crush Saga. I hate playing facebook games, but this game is just too addicting for words. I'm on level 33. ;)

remember...whatever you are going through there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I've started writing down some thoughts about my life over the past few years.
I've always loved to write, and who knows what this notebook full of thoughts will become...
but I want to encourage is full and bright and wide,
and everyone goes through horrible things,
but joy can be found on the other side.
Just some Wednesday inspiration.
in honor of mothers day...
my momma, sister and I...
back in 2005.
My mother is amazing!
She is a strong, brave woman, and I'm proud to call her my mom.
by the way, my little sister is graduating college this weekend!

have a great week



  1. oh my word...the salad sounds amazing! i'm making something like that for dinner tonight. Only adding bacon and chicken breast to make it more dinner like! =)

  2. I love your blogs! You are such an amazing, inspiring and beatiful person! Please blog more!!! :)