Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my only new years resolution...

this morning i feel...quietly reflective.
elleia is still snoring softly in my bed,
snuggled up under thrift store afghans and quilts.
rielynn woke with the sun,
rubbing her tummy and claiming she was hungry.
i got her some cereal, made some coffee and sat down to
catch up with one of my favorite blogs -
enjoying the small things by kelle hampton.
as i sat looking at the beautiful pictures and all of the amazing things
 kelle does with her two little girls,
i felt inspired and strangely hopeful.
you see,
i have been working a ton.
and i am getting behind on orders.
and school starts again soon.
and rielynn had the flu yesterday.
and i worked until 11:00 p.m. last night.
and i rang in the new year with a taco and netflix...
and when i woke up this morning,
i felt a little bit like...
i don't get to do special things with my girls,
like i want to.
when we are home, it seems like i have to either work, or clean a little,
or we are running errands,
or just doing "life" -
baths, meals, bed.
i want to enjoy my girls.
i want to just...rest and relax and have fun with them.
 i want to go on late night trips for pancakes.
in our jammies.
i want to spend hours at the library.
i want to go on long, slow walks.
i want to play in the (barely there, but still...) snow.
i want to cuddle and finish reading "little house on the prarie" outloud to elle.
i want to spend hours teaching my girls how to do all of the crafts i love,
sewing and knitting and painting and how to do damage with a glue gun.
i want to watch cinderella and beauty and the beast and the lion king
and make popcorn and do puzzles for days and days and days.
when i was a little girl,
i had a friend whose mom gave her a sketchpad and a set of colored pencils,
and told her to draw things she saw outside.
i remember thinking how cool that was,
how fun,
and how i wanted to do that with my children when i had them.
well, that time is now...
and i might not get to change how much i work right now,
but i can change how much i am "in the moment"
with my girls,
when i am home, when i am around them, and when i am present.
and as far as all of the fun things i want to do,
i won't put them off.
i won't think to myself,
"i am too tired...we'll do them later..."
it might take some planning and some coffee...
but these precious girls,
they come first.
i lost a 16 year old family member last month....
the shooting in conneticut. .....
these things remind me to cherish every moment,
with these earth angels God gave to me to love,
because days are fleeting and time waits for no man.
so i am quietly reflective this january 1st.
and here is my new years resolution...
resolved ...
to be in the now.......and cherish every moment.
and oh yes...
to drink less diet coke.
happy new years, friends.
thanks for reading my little bloggy blog.
it makes me feel special.


  1. You have a lovely blog and I always look forward to reading your inspiring posts. What a great resolution! (Both of them, haha). Happy 2013!


  2. this was beautiful em, and such a great reminder for me to make time for my kiddos and not let the list of "things i HAVE to do" over take the love and time they need from me 1st. love you!!

  3. Beautiful.
    This is so where my heart has been. The intentional moments to build into our kids hearts.

    Blessings to you & your fmaily.