Friday, December 7, 2012

do the next good thing ( a life update)

1. i am seriously bummed that there is no snow in our part of wisconsin, yet.
i mean...really.
what is going on here?
i demand a white christmas, okay?
speaking of christmas...
i've decided to embrace the "it's not ALL about the presents" theme this year,
with my girls.
i am hoping they catch on.
2. this has been such a busy week!
you may or may not know,
that i am in school to get my nursing degree.
i met with my advisor a few days ago
and basically found out that i have a good
3-4 years of school ahead of me before i am an RN
(thats WITH summer school, folks...)
its HARD being a mom, working, and taking classes,
so i can only really do 6-9 credits a semester.
i got discouraged and called my mom,
then i called my dad,
then i talked to my husband,
and they all said
so, i am.
3. i got an extra job...
30 hrs a week waitressing...
i am sure you are wondering,
to be TOTALLY honest... 
it's not wedding season... = "slower" season...
and there are these things that come in the mail,
in little white envelopes...
so, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do....
instead of being crabby about it
i am excited about it!
i have always loved waitressing
and the people you get to talk to,
the running around,
the energy of a really fun, busy restuarant, like this one is...
i am a naturally busy, energetic person
and this gives me something good to do with my energy :)
so, will i quit my job in a few months
when wedding season rolls around?
we'll see...
but i kind of doubt it.
4. my sister and i are obsessed with a singer
we found on youtube...
lana del rey...
i have been listening to her a ton....
5. i want to encourage you out there...
sometimes, life takes us on these twists and turns...
and instead of being scared,
instead of saying
"ummmmm....this wasn't MY plan, God....."
i have found that going with the flow,
giving every day a fresh start,
and having a positive, clear mind...
these things keep me sane in this hectic lifestyle.
do the next good thing.
sometimes i wonder,
what to do about a certain situation...
or in my life...
and i am reminded of a great life principle.
just plug away,
just keep going,
hard work pays off in the end.
by the way....

and pssss.........
dont tell anyone......
currently talking to producers of a well known daytime t.v. show about
appearing an in an upcoming segment about women making money from crafting...
we will see!!

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