Wednesday, January 16, 2013

regarding the future of ellarye boutique...

After a year and a half of making bridal garters, bridal bouquets and
baby headbands every day until my fingers are ready to fall off...
I have decided to make a few changes.
As you may have read in my previous post,
I am now homeschooling my daughter and I also have another daughter at home
(she turned three on Saturday...happy birthday Rielynn!)
I am also in school full-time (nursing program)
and I work full-time (I work nights.)
I just cannot keep going at this pace and be my best at everything I am doing.
I have decided to downsize my business at this time in my life.
It makes me so sad to write these words!
And it may be only for the next month or two,
or it may be for the next few years....
I just do not know.
I am not closing my business!
Instead, I will be taking just a few, manageable orders each month for bridal bouquet sets.
Working with just a few brides a month, on bridal bouquets sets,
is much easier for me to do,
than working on a hundred bridal garters a month, shipping to, creating for,
and working with so many different customers is incredibly time consuming.
Homeschooling my daughter is coming first right now.
I am so sad writing these words!
I love making bridal garters and sashes and baby headbands...
I am still stunned by the success of Ellarye Boutique,
grateful for and so blessed by my thousands of customers over
this last year and a half.
Thanks for understanding,
and I will let you know when I'll be taking smaller bridal orders again!
until then, I'll still be blogging!
Thanks for following along!


  1. Good for you for realizing when you need a break! I hope school, homeschooling and work keep going well for you! I do have a question though: if you are homeschooling and also working full-time, when do you go to class? In the afternoons? Just something I was curious about.


    1. Hey Lindsey! I go to school one morning a week, one night a week, and my other classes are online. I have great friends and family who help out with baby sitting!!:)