Monday, February 25, 2013

Ellarye Boutique Bride - Cori and Ben

I've known Cori for ... lets, like ten years?
So I was so thrilled and honored when she asked me to create her bridal bouquets!
It's a whole 'nother ballgame making something for
someone you know....
honestly, it just makes you more nervous!
(what if she doesn't like them, type of nervous ;)
but Cori and I really clicked during the design process and
she has been the greatest bride and friend to work with...
and she has her own blog!
Follow her at
Cori has such an amazing heart...she's a teacher,
and she is truly one of the most giving and generous and kind women I know.
She's always looking for ways to help out people around her,
and lets be honest...
this girl is just drop dead gorgeous!

We did Cori's bouquet all white with yellow pearls/beads, and the girls had ombre yellow bouquets...

(here's my other friend Debbie, another beautiful lady!)

What a fun day, and I love love love Cori's color theme.
Thank you Cori for letting me show off your awesome wedding!

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