Friday, February 8, 2013

snowy day nostalgia

something about watching my girls play in the snow
in the backyard at my parent's house makes me incredibly nostaglic.
first of all, there are three years that seperate my little sister and i...
and my daughters are three years apart.
so watching them out there play in the blanket of white snow...
watching them build snow forts with bright red faces...
it makes me feel like i've stepped into a time capsule.
even my dad was watching them and said it was like rewinding twenty years...
two little girls, in purple and pink snow outfits...
where has the time gone?
i remember being little like it was literally yesterday.
i was such a dreamer, such a planner, such a big imaginer of who i would be,
"when i grew up".
i used to lay outside in the summer under the trees, reading,
and when it got dark i would just.... think..... for hours,
under the stars...
the darkness making my ordinary backyard feel like another place altogether.
a magical place, with shadows and light from the back porch.
i would sit and imagine and wonder about my future and create stories in my head.
totally content in solitude.
these are some of my best memories of growing up.
now having two girls, i desire to bring out that imagination-
that creativity,
in them.
i never want them to be so "plugged into" this digital age
that they don't know how to dream,
or how to be content just sitting outside,
without wii or t.v. or netflix or computer games for entertainment.
just some thoughts i am having,
this snowy afternoon.

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