Monday, March 25, 2013

Daddy Comes Home

We recorded the girls reaction when Chad came home on Tuesday. They were at my sister in laws house and I went to pick Chad up...then I went inside first and we had him knock on the door a few minutes later. The reaction is priceless... we recorded it... Check the link below!

needless to say it has been the best 6 days of my life :)


daddy comes home


  1. So happy for you all! Have been praying for you, sister. I missed you today (guess what...I brought you a diet coke!). But I'm sure it was for good reason...I'll bet it's just awesome to be spending all that family time together!

    1. melissa!!! would you believe that I totally forgot about enrichment until about 7 pm that night?? forgive me! I tried calling you and I must have the wrong number saved, you do have email right? can you email me your digits? ... lets do coffee! and diet coke...omg i am obsessed LOL

  2. Heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.