Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Slice of the Web.

Welcome to my little slice of the web.

I'm so, so, so stinkin glad you're here.

 Click here to read a little more about me.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Danielle Burkleo of take heart blog because she made my blog and shop all cute, modern yet vintage, and puurty. (Her blog is ridiculously cool.) ( I actually double thought adding a link to her blog because I fear you might not come back here if you check out Danielle's blog. Oh well.)

Second, here are a few random facts about me.

1. I love pastel nail polish....and I think Wet 'N Wild makes the prettiest colors.

2. I'm a perfectionist about literally only ONE thing. My business. All else...well, as you'll discover, I'm the queen of laid back.

3. I hate folding laundry,

4. I hate washing dishes,

5. & I hate vacuuming.

6. I love to read and I read 'Gone with the Wind' in three weeks when I was 13. ( I told you that to make me sound smart.)

7. I'm obsessive over Lost.

8. I'm rockin' the ripped jeans, headbands and t-shirts look these days. Almost every day. (Sundresses and stillettos just don't do me any justice.)

9. I wear my contacts for weeks at a time without taking them out. Something which disturbs my mother so much, she brings it up in almost every conversation.

10. I'm a momma of two crazies (Elle and Rielynn) - wife to a hunky, quiet & sensitive type (Chad) and owner and designer at Ellarye Boutique. Check it out. It'll rock your socks off.

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