Friday, April 6, 2012


After seeing Mindy from Marigold Road do one of these fun "Currently" posts I decided to join in. So here it is, "Currently" for 4/6/12.

Obsessing Over: The Color Run is coming to my city! I had never heard about this until this morning, and a huge group of friends from my church are running together. Bascially you start the run in a white t-shirt, and as the run progresses you get dusted/sprayed with colors. By the end of the race you look like this ....

Working on: I just finished a huge custom order for a Southern bride. She requested 4 bridesmaids sashes and 8 boutonnières along with a garter set.
They turned out absolutely fantastic but since I'm a perfectionist this order took me a very long
time to fill. I hand sewed it, which always takes more time,
but the results are stunning. These bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to turn some heads!
 Now on to more orders, custom orders, and prep for the craft show at the end of the month.

Thinking about: What the day holds and when I'll fit in some grocery shopping.
Elle has off of school for Easter break which always makes like busier, but more fun. Excited that my sister came home late last night to be with our family for Easter.

The gorg sister and I

Anticipating: Going to church on Sunday to celebrate our Risen Lord and then sharing in that celebration on Sunday afternoon.
Not gonna lie...anticipating a great Easter meal :)

Eating: Greek yogurt with honey

Drinking: Coffee with a splash of hazelnut creamer

Wishing: That the waiting will get easier.

Reading: a 7-page beautifully written love letter from my husband ;)

One of my all-time favorite pictures of Chad and I. We were at a Brewers game and
hadn't been dating for very long.

Listening To : Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound
Christina Perri's A Thousand Years.
The 2 c.d.'s my amazing friend Heather just sent me in the mail...hand picked music she knew I would love (and she was right) ... melancholic ballads, anyone?

Happy Friday, y'all!



  1. Love this post! I'm new here, and I just adore your blog! I'm off to stalk the rest of your site... Have a wonderful weekend, sugar! xo