Friday, April 13, 2012

In My Makeup Bag ...

Saw some fun "in my makeup bag" posts and thought I'd join in!
Here are the awesome products that make me feel prettier every morning.
( I use alot of makeup/face products by a company called The Balm and I think they have great packaging and their stuff really sticks to my face all day

1. Balm Shelter by The Balm-  a tinted moisturizer that I put on my neck and arms too
2. I use either Maybelline's Fit Me foundation (I use pure beige)
3. Arbonne's Mineral Powder Foundation (this is the bomb, but more expensive so I use it for church/weddings/etc

4. Beauty Queen Staniac by The Balm is a cheek and lip tint - just a hint of color

5. I use Bahama Mama bronzer every day and Hot Mama blush some days, both by The Balm

6. Covergirl makeup brush - cheap but it works pretty well

7. I can't use too much eyeliner or I look like I have a black eye- so Arbonne's Monroe eye pencil is perfect - such a pretty taupe color

8. The Cheater mascara by The Balm is the best mascara I've ever used and it doesn't flake...

9. I hardly ever wear eyeshadow but when I do I like Avon's Smoke and Mirrors quad.

10. My current nail polish obsessions -
Wet and Wild I Need a Refresh-mint
OPI Dulche de Leche
Sinful Colors 24/7

11. Country Chic by Bath and Body Works is a gorgeous smelling lotion - I love fresh and clean smells

12. Lips - I use Burts Bees daily and Maybellines Cocoa Fever gloss (I'm not a lipstick girl ... my hubby hates lipstick! ;)

13. I've worn Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria Secret since my friend Britta introduced me to it when I was 16. I wear it every single day ... it is my favorite scent in the world and now I feel strange if I don't have it on. ((thanks britta <3))

See any makeup you use?



  1. where do you get the balm products? I love arbonne! i have some of their foundation and blush right now =)

    1. Hey Kate! You can buy it online, but I've seen it at TJ Maxx alot lately! And it is usually a much better deal (its pretty expensive...) I'll keep a look out for you! I LOVE Arbonne, I actually had their foundation and it disappeared on me so all I have is the powder foundation ... but it was the best foundation I ever tried...loved it! You should do a makeup bag post girl, you have some cool makeup :)

  2. I do love the fit me foundations, especially when my face is blemish free! :)

    1. They seem to be really light but they cover well... and this color matches my skin really nicely! <3