Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Luxey Collection: Wednesday

Here is the first addition to the limited edition Luxey Collection ...

What makes this special?
What makes this for adults?
It's more luxurious (luxey!) and glam than a child/baby headband.
It's got a (real) vintage velvet leaf AND a metal leaf as embellishments,
along with gorgeous limited edition fabric,
a glass pearl and
a beautiful, sophisticated lace band...

Because of the cool embellishments, Wednesday is limited edition...
get yours while they last!
((Rock this with some jeans and any t-shirt...
Black, white, green, red, ivory, navy blue...
Make a plain outfit so much hipper))

Wednesday will be going up for sale in my shop later today...
look for it!
And use the coupon code " luxey " for 20 percent off this headband :)

((Not sure how to wear your hair with a headband? Stay tuned...I'll be sharing my super easy, super fun beachy wavey hair tutorial in a few days...this is how I wear my hair every day and of course I rock a headband every day.
You will feel so cute and glam with a headband on, and it takes absolutely no extra time to put on. Wearing headbands has added alot of cuteness 
to my outfits and when I feel cuter, lets be honest-
I feel happier :) ))


  1. You're the cutest! I love getting your blog in my email inbox every day :)