Monday, May 21, 2012

The Color Run AKA: The Best Night Ever

The Color Run came to our city this weekend!

 My sweet 5-year old and I, all CLEAN and ready to run!
I bought her tutu at Target for 4.00 on clearance so I didn't feel too bad about getting it trashed...

 Ready for FUN!

 source - Julie Ann Imaging
7,500 people did the Color Run in Racine Wisconsin - thats alot of people!

 source - Julie Ann Imaging

At mile markers, this is what happens! Pure color explosions!
This happens at 4 checkpoints during the 5K (which is 3 miles)

 After the race, we had a "Color Festival!"
Every 15 minutes, at the same time, everyone opened these color packets and threw them in the
wind at the same time. Being in the midst of this was insane...
it was a fog of color! It gets in your eyes and up your nose...
and you get totally covered...

 source - Julie Ann Imaging
We are some die-hard Green Bay Packers fans around here, folks...

 My littlest hunny didn't even run the race- but she still got colorific!

 I can't believe my little trooper actually finished the 5 K - she even ran alot of the way!
Falling down and scraping her hands didn't even stop her!

 My stroller

 I got to run with my college roomie (and one of my lifelong best buds) Tiffany - and her sister Rheanna!
Running with Tiffany was especially sweet because we were running partners in college and we have done races together before. We haven't run together in years, but it did bring back sweet memories of early morning runs in downtown Chicago on Lake Michigan...such good times.

 I realize my mouth is open in almost all of my pictures - because I was literally screaming/cheering
for about 2 hours straight. It was so much fun! I lost my voice.

 Source- Julie /Ann Imaging

Check out the Color Runs website here and see if they are coming to a city near you!
They will be in a neighboring city in September and I can't wait to run it again.


  1. that looks SO amazing!!! there is going to be one here in nashville but it is the same weekend i'll be in knoxville for my sister's wedding. oh well! -- maybe i can travel to another city to do one...

  2. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to do a Color Run, but the nearest one to me is scheduled on the weekend of a friend's wedding...and while I'd love to run, she might not be pleased to find herself missing a bridesmaid :)

  3. The color run looked like so much fun! the one here in OC sold out, boo:(