Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Favorite Inspiring Blogs

Most of my favorite blogs are written by successful small business owners. Girls who know what its like to juggle a baby on one hip and a glue gun in hand. Some of my favorite blogs are just for fun, though. Thought I'd share with you.
There are also tons of awesome blogs I read that I did not include this time around. Part Two coming up next week!

Gussy Sews My friend Maggie blogs over at Gussy Sews. When I am looking for business inspiration, this is where I turn nearly every time. Maggie has become a real friend. She is so honest in her posts, and she went from unemployment to the empire that is "Gussy" in a few short months. It is possible, friends. Follow your dreams...

Nice Girl Notes Roo over at Nice Girl Notes makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. She is irreverant, hilarious, and also has a kind soul. If you are in need of a laugh, check out Roo's blog. I randomly discovered it a few months ago and I'm so glad I did.

Much Love,-illy I know, I know - I talk about Ilene's blog alot. That is because not only do I love her so much, she is an amazing "real-life" friend and mentor. I read her blog because she has incredible fashion, because she is so fun, and because she is an amazing writer. Ilene has a super successful Etsy shop - she invented the poppy garland headband!

Just Lovely Things Heather blogs at Just Lovely Things. Heather also has an incredibly successful small business where she sells gorgeous headbands much more. Heather and I are currently talking about a collaboration between Just Lovely Things (the blog) and Ellarye Boutique! More info coming soon...:)

Wonder Forest Dana over at Wonder Forest has the most incredible eye for design. I absolutely love her style. She also has a successful crafting and design business.

Naptime Diaries Jessi over at Naptime Diaries writes such real, honest, sincere posts they make my heart ache. You know when someone writes something and you feel that "I could have written this - I feel just like this -" feeling? Thats how I feel when I read this blog. Jessi also has a beautiful Etsy prints shop.

Going Home to Roost Bonnie's blog is also full of indie business tips and lots of beautiful tips on living well. Organic living, will find it here!

Take Heart Blog Danielle did my current logo, shop design and blog design and she killed it! Not only is Danielle laugh-out-loud hilarious she is also a sweet momma of three. Danielle's blog is so relate-able and rad. Sending love your way, Danielle! I love my blog designer...<3

Saturated Canary Krista has one of the coolest blogs...I love it. She has awesome style and she is a funky, hot, amazing momma of two adorable kiddos. I love Krista's blog because it introduced me to one of my new favorite things - Smash Books! Krista and I will be collaborating in the next month - details to come!

Creature Comforts When I want to be inspired, or look at beautiful pictures, I turn to Creature Comforts. Another reason I love this blog? The awesome freebie printables! Labels and lots of beautiful things you can download and print off. Definately worth checking out.



  1. aw, thank you for your kind words! i wish we were still in the same part of the US, then we could chat for hours like we used to. miss and love you!

  2. So happy to have found you through much love, illy. Look forward to keeping up with your adventures!!

    xo Shane

    1. you are so sweet! so glad you found me :)

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