Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why my EX dumped me...and other mysteries of the Universe

1. I just finished reading the tiny twig's e-book "The No-Brainer Wardrobe" and I am totally inspired. It's all about layering your clothes, rocking what you have, and thrifting.
I think I need to start dressing more like an adult.
YUCK did I just say that?
I love my flip flops (cute ones of course!) my cute Buckle sweatshirts, my lace tank tops and my jeans wayyyyy to much! But maybe it's time to throw in some (um) skinny jeans, cardigans, and flats into the mix? I don't know...but heres what I do know -
I'm drawn to bootcut jeans from American Eagle...

I started the lace tank trend (I did, swear! I started wearing them every day when I lived in Chicago and worked at the flagship GAP. We had a designer from corporate stop over one day and he commented that he liked my lace tank. Next thing you know, GAP had a full line of lace tank tops and of course all of the other designers followed suit. So, see, I obviously started the trend!)...

I love chevron stripes, arrows, and flowers on my shirts.

I used to take magic markers and scribble my boyfriend's initials on my jeans. In big, bold, black print. ( wonder he dumped me...I would dump a girl who did that too...)

I love accessories.

I love big old hoop earrings.
I love beach wavy hair and I love pretty flip flops.
I said it.

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