Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Facebook and Youtube changed my life this week...

I have to share this because my heart is bursting.

Do you ever feel like -
where is God in my life?
Sure, I "do the right things...
I pray, I tithe, I read my Bible...
but where is God in the day to day?"
I've wondered too..

Where is God when dishes are stacked a mile high?
Where is God when my children cry,
missing a family member who feels so far away?
Where is God when my body is energy-sucked,
when my legs are weak,
when my eyes feel heavy
and it is only 2 p.m.?

This Sunday I tithed.
I haven't tithed in a while.
Can I be honest here?
I'm not proud of it,
but as I slid the bill into the plate,
I feel like I made a deal with God.

Since I'm giving you my money,
maybe you could give me something this week."

So selfish, right -
its His money anyways!

But I feel like I started this week looking for a sign.

To be honest, I've been lacking.
I've been lacking in my spiritual walk lately.
I've been neglecting the word.
I've been so busy, too busy to stop and count His blessings.
I needed to change that this week.

So on Tuesday I put up a question on my Facebook wall.
Yup...good old Facebook.
I asked my friends if they knew somewhere I could listen to Christian radio online.
A free online site where I could listen to Christian speakers and be filled with truth.

Several of my friends responded...
and a friend recommended
"Revive our Hearts" -
a radio program by Nancy Leigh Demoss.

I listened to several speakers but I really enjoyed this woman.
She seemed so full of grace-
so full of God.
The kind of woman I want to be.

I listened to her for hours and hours.
While I worked,
during dinner,
during bath time,
after the kids went to bed,
I listened.
Oh, I turned it down during family times,
meal times,
but it kept playing ,
breathing truth into the background of our day.
I listened to her read Scripture.
I heard about a missionary in Europe.
I listened to a sermon she gave to students at Moody Bible Institute -
my college, years after I left.
I felt nourished,
my soul felt fed.

That night my friend Kate checked in, as she usually does,
asked about my day.
I told her I found a new favorite thing...
listening to Christian radio through the day.
I texted back to her that she should check out
and she estatically responded to me that she was going to hear
Nancy Leigh DeMoss speak in September,
and last she heard,
there was an extra discounted ticket with her group,
would I like to come?

I was overjoyed -
how amazing that God clearly orchestrated these small events.
She told me she would get back to me about the ticket.

On Wednesday I searched youtube for 3 words ....
Christian Women Testimonies.

About 3 search results down,
I saw the preview for a video clip called
"Prison to Purpose."

I clicked on it,
and I watched the 7-minute video testimony
of a woman who was in prison for 12 years on drug charges
and got radically changed by saving grace.

I shared this video on my Facebook wall, once again,
and I even sent it privately to 3 friends who know my heart deeply-
Kate being one of them.

"Watch this video,"
I wrote.
"God is good...the God of 2nd chances!"

I watched the testimony myself about 3 times,
listening to it as I sat and worked,
rolling strips of fabric into something beautiful.
The ordinary into something extraordinary...
as God was doing the same in my heart.

Tonight Kate texted me with the info about the extra ticket.
It was mine if I wanted it,
at a HUGE discount.

At the end of the text she said
"That video you sent me about the lady who was in prison?
She is going to be at this conference, speaking."

No way.

My heart broke.
With love for my Saviour, who perfectly planned my week around these
 revelations of his goodness in my life.

He loves me so much,
He wanted to prove to me this week what a personal God He is.

And so I have been reminded that God can be in the little things.
Sticking a band-aid on a scuffed knee.
Stirring a bubbly pot of soup for someone I love.
A Facebook status.
A Youtube search result.
He's watching, and He cares.


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