Saturday, July 28, 2012

How Week One Went

thank you, Love Club for my new necklace!

Last week I announced here that I was going to try a new way of eating this week, and that I was going to start running again...
Well, I did it!
Heres how my week went.

I went running 4 times.
I went 2 miles each time,
and the 4th time I had to stop because I started feeling sharp pains in my bad ankle.
(About 1.5 years ago I slipped on a children's book when we were unpacking in our new house,
and my ankle twisted 180 degrees and basically shattered.
4 days in the hospital (it happened on the 22nd of December so I spent Christmas in the hospital)
12 screws,
2 metal plates and one 2 hour surgery later, I was as good as new. Hah.

I have only walked since I had all of the metal put into my body but I felt like after a few days of running my ankle was protesting and I knew I needed to slow down.
I'm going to keep running but increase my pace slower through-out my run.

Rielynn's plate on Tuesday night....

I also tried to eat really high protein low carb...

I had eggs and salsa with wheat toast most mornings,
along with coffee/cream.

I had alot of salads and cold-cut plates for lunch...

and dinner was my biggest accomplishment of all.
I don't normally cook a big dinner but I did EVERY NIGHT of the week over here.
Everyone loved it!
What did I make?
Lots of chicken, and even steak once,
with terayki sauce,
brown rice,
slices of cheese,
side salads,
baked apples (cut up apples/cherries in orange juice simmer on low)
and greek yogurt for dinner.
My girls loved the meals and so did I!

I treated myself to a D.Q. ice cream cone and a jr. Whopper last night and I felt
so, so, so sick!!
I actually thought I was going to throw up.
No more of that stuff for me, not even on "cheat" days!

Thank you to my friend Emily who consistently texted me through-out the week
with encouragement and texts about how it was going.
That meant alot!

I saw a friend last night I hadn't seen in a week and  she said,
"How did you lose so much weight in  a week?"
 - -
so, it's working! :)

((Nope, no weights or measurements to report here!
Just going off how I feel and how my clothing fit.)

Next week, here I come!!!

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