Friday, July 20, 2012

My Eating/Workout Plan - week of 7/21 - 7/28

I've been searching for more energy and zest? zip? pesto? pep? in my life these last few weeks.
 I've even been mentally charting what makes me feel energized/happier and what makes me feel more bogged down/stressed=depressed. Some things that are on my happy list -
I feel happier when the house is cleaner and tidy.
For me that means -
dishes put away and counters clean,
floors vacuumed,
bathroom wiped and cometed,
beds made
shoes put away.

I feel happier on the days when I take the time to do my hair and makeup
and actually wear something that matches and looks cute.

I also feel happier and have a better day after I spend some time in the
Bible in the morning.
It's taking time out of my day to sit,
meditate on truth,
cleanse my mind and heart,
reflect on my blessings and
ask God for help in the many areas of my life where I need it.

When I need a quick "happiness/mood" boost, my favorite thing to do
right now is to make homemade iced coffee -
just brew a pot of coffee,
fill a tall cup with ice,
add some creamer and then add some coffee.
instant yumminess+caffeine pick me up.
(thank you to my friend Danielle -
I had never tried making iced coffee at home before our playdate!)
Something about having a cup of coffee next to me
makes me feel better, more centered -
like I can face the world better.
"Nothing can faze mommy - SHE HAS HER COFFEE!!!"

I know in my heart of hearts that the biggest change needs to be
working out again every day and eating better every day.
I used to eat very calculated high protein, low carb meals -
every day had a pre-planned menu and I stuck to it.
If I swayed from my eating plan my entire day felt off.
Now, I don't ever want to be like that again -
but I remember thinking to myself
"this is how my body was created to be fed."

I felt AMAZING on a consistent high protein low carb diet.
I felt like I had good energy,
I felt like my skin looked wonderful and I was never ever hungry.

I let myself eat whenever I wanted, but I ate specific foods.
Breakfast was eggs, canadian bacon and salsa
Lunch was huge salads with chicken and cottage cheese,
Dinner was meat and veggies.
Snacks were apples and peanut butter,
Ezekial bread with hummus,
or hard boiled eggs.
Treats were few and far between but usually sugar free popsicles.
It was obsessive but it payed off.
I did this while I was in college and I went from 140 pounds to 123 pounds in about two months.

I am going to eat that way this week.
Saturday through Saturday...

Here is the menu plan I am going to follow.
It's a little different than my obsessive college plan,
but heres what I've come up with.

7 - coffee w/creamer, egg omelet with veggies and salsa

10 - greek yogurt

1 - big huge salad with chicken and any veggies,
oil and vinegar

4 - apple and peanut butter or carrots and hummus
7 -
"taco casserole"
ground turkey/
black beans/
brown rice/
taco seasoning/
romaine lettuce/
lt sour cream
blended up together


"thai chicken salad"
chicken breast, chopped up
salad mix
asian peanut sauce
lime juice
slivered almonds
blended up together

-if hungry -
hard boiled egg

We'll see how it goes!
I'm also going to start running again.
I was a MAJOR runner back in the day -
did some races, half marathons,
running was my therapy :)
So, every day..
YUP, every single day,
I am going to put on my old pink Nikes,
some gross running shorts
and let my feet hit the pavement.

You get out of it what you put into it,
and for me right now its going to be a daily thing.

I will report on my results next week Friday...
I'm excited, stay tuned

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  1. Great post! I feel the EXACT same way! I think another one of my problems is that I have 3 very young kids and when they eat mac & cheese, I eat mac & cheese...makes it hard to lose weight! lol Thanks for sharing...I think I'm motivated now! I also agree with the point that you made about starting the morning off reading the Bible. It helps me to think on the things of God throughout the day!

    Randi @